Forced Into retirement

by David Bowes

I was forced into retirement six weeks ago at the tender age of just 72 after 56 years of full time work of one sort or another.

I have tried hard to find other work and to carry on for a few more years but finally forced into accepting defeat. My god I hate the feeling of being written of so young when I’m still fully fit and still capable of using my skill and strength constructively.

I live in hope that some opportunities will show up as I need more money to fund my desire for world travel and adventure, I’m three times widowed but not ready to lay down and give up just yet. Ideas anyone?

Regards David Bowes

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can totally empathize
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

I fully understand how you feel as facing the facts came to me 4 years ago at 68 after being an RN for 35 years.

The fact is we live in a youth oriented society and one way or the other we are pushed out of the work world. However, after 4 years of being retired and muddled through it the first year adjusting to a different way of life.

But today I am so happy I am fully enjoying my retirement. Getting up when I want, going to bed when I want, going swimming, gardening and I volunteer and focus on me for a change instead of having to do so much for others.

Don't get me wrong that is who I am as a person, but now I can have time to be me and enjoy me and get up each day happy to see what the day holds
I too am healthy and active and I encourage you to find new ways to stay that way and embrace the years with enthusiasm.

Good luck

Ship Ahoy
by: Joe W.

I'm wondering what kind of work you did or still want to do? Your Big Dream is to travel the World. After 56 years of full-time work there must be some cash saved somewhere to take some time off now and do some travelling. While you start your new journey something will come up to make you happy.

Joe W.

Keep looking!
by: Len, Palau

Yes. People like you have the wealth of knowledge and skills in your area of profession. Developing countries like ours continue to seek experts in various area of work to train local staff. It may not be a lot of money but an opportunity to visit other places in the world.

I knew a person who was on a year contract at one of government program and now is at another place doing the same. He just want to live at different countries, earn a living while there, learn the culture and enjoy life. There are all kinds of opportunities.

I am sure this site would be more helpful. You'll see.

Take care and best wishes on future endeavors

Forced Retirement
by: Anonymous

Hi David,

I'm there with you on this. It's a somewhat devistating to have happen to you after that amount of time! At any point where you no longer feel like part of a team or daily routine, to me, has been and empty experience.

Been trying to get a part time position at one of the "big box" hardware stores, but I get the feeling a lot of younger folks don't particularly respect the wisdom that comes with age and work experience.
I try to make a list of this to do the next day, the evening before.

It was pretty slow at first, but know, is picking up speed. Still would like to make additional income though.

I hope you will be able to get some form of employment; whether it be Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Walgreens or one of the many sources out there that are senior friendly.


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