Forced out a few years before planned retirement

by Sally
(Methuen, Massachusetts)

I had worked for a large hospital for 25 years, but had different jobs within the hospital over the years. I did not like my last job that I had for six years, so I did not mind being pushed out in that sense, but I had a lot of anger.

I've only been "retired" for 8 months, and I'm not happy with it. Maybe it's because I KNEW it was ageism. They told me they were "changing the job" - ha. I figured then that I knew what they were doing, so I looked up the job posting, and it was the same job! I was not surprised - I know of this "trick" to get rid of someone older, and I was 67 (now 68).

I had hoped to work until 70, even though I was not fond of my job; however I enjoyed the environment of the hospital very much and had been there a long time, knew a lot of people, even loved the train ride in/out of work!

Unfortunately, we got a new Chief in our department, a young woman of 38 (an older man had retired) and she wanted younger people who basically took over the office. Of course, it's against the law, but the hardest discrimination to prove; they can always say "we changed the job and she couldn't do it".

It's been a hard 8 months, so I'm hoping I can turn things around soon!

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Forced out before planned retirement
by: Sherry/ NC

Be patient, all will work out for you. I have been retired 3 years and I can tell you that retirement is work. Stay busy and this will take the loneliness away. There is lots to do in the world and it is up to you to find something!

Age Discrimination Laws Are A Joke
by: Linda/Nevada

I, too, got laid off at the age of 61 and so did most of the employees over the age of 55 at the last company I worked for. You would think that some legislators at the federal government level would be alarmed at how many people are laid off because of their age. I guess they don't feel it is an important enough issue to look into. They might change their mind if it happens to them or any people close to them. Meanwhile, employers are breaking the law and getting away with it.

A very, very well known nonprofit organization made a point of my age when I applied for a job at their organization. I filed a complaint with the EEOC and they dismissed it. To this day, I do not contribute any money or donations to this organization. Their red kettles will never get a dime from me.

What will it take to stop age discrimination in the workforce? Is it time to take the issue to the streets or inject violence? Something has to be done!!

forced out a few years before planned retire
by: Your Name/Location

Similar story in some ways. I was hourly, doing the work of full timers. Of course, hourly has few benefits and a smaller salary.

I got my master's because they indicated it would take me to full time. Quite and expense in many ways for me! Anyway, they just "stringed me along".

Finally I quit, didn't retire because after all, I did not have retirement benefits since I wasn't full time. Sure enough, 1 year later, they posted my same duties as "full time". They couldn't find another sucker to do it. I feel like such a loser and sucker.

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