Forced out. Now I'm bored.

by Freeway Willy

I worked for the same company for 33 years. After 33 years and having risen to a rank in senior management (2nd in command at a company of 250 employees), the owner sold the company to an east coast operation.

I was kept on for a transitional period, but was then forced out being offered only menial entry level jobs. They were clearly trying to get me to leave in order to save the cost of my salary. I was hoping to work for at least 10 more years until I was 70.

So, I found myself at home trying to find some way to while away the hours. I thought I could quickly find a new job - even if it wasn't in an executive or even management role. That's when I found out that age discrimination is alive and will in Portland, Oregon. No one wanted to hire a 60 year old for virtually anything.

Now, I sit at home and have virtually nothing to do. I've tried volunteering, but have found nothing fulfilling or that ignites any passion. I have given up on finding employment at all. I have enough money to get by for a few years, but not enough to carry me through more than 6 or 7 years. I find myself hoping to die early so that at least my family will have the life insurance proceeds.
There's really nothing to do anyway.

I have a few years until I have to pull that trigger (so to speak)! But I'm out of my mind bored and can't come up with a thing to do with my life now that I've been tossed out of my career because I aged. They wanted "new blood", a "fresh perspective" and then they didn't even interview anyone over 35 for my old job. Yes, I'm bitter, angry - but mostly just bored with my empty days.

Aging and retirement are horrible, kids. Do all possible to avoid both!

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Your Not Alone
by: Joe Curiel

Hi Freeway Wiley

Just now quickly read your post and felt I wanted to reach out.

Recently I read an article reminding me that after major live events, we go through different stages. eg: Denial, anger, fear, depression etc. etc.

It sounds like you are in one of the traditional stages that follows major life events.

Yes, Retirement is a major life event and do not underestimate the impact that it mighty takes on us.

I am now at the end of my 3rd year of retirement and am still in denial and transition.

One suggestion i'd like to offer, read the many blogs, posts etc. on Wendy'a website. If nothing else,you will realize that your not alone.

Joe Curiel
(Read and comment on my article on Developing your Business Idea)

I endorse Wendy's recommendations
by: Larry Steward

Hey Willie,

Congratulations on joining this site - that is a very positive step in the right direction. Like Wendy I want to encourage you to look forward instead of staring at what happened in the past.

Keep positive in terms of sooner than later you will discover something exciting for you to sink your teeth into. Once you find an interest share a post here and this group will help you find a way to make the most of it.

The only thing preventing you from making your life work is you. So start thinking about all the things you used to enjoy doing and then think how you could get involved with that now and make the most of it. Just don't give up.

Forced out
by: Anonymous

Hi, willy

You are not so much bored as angry and bitter at the way you were treated.

You clearly have enough intellectual resources to find a new path once you have dealt with those feelings, which are understandable.

Seek help if you can and deal with that wholly understandable anger - then get busy finding a new way to use your talents. It's early days and once you have come through these initial difficult times, you will be glad you hung in there.

Best of luck!

A fellow retiree

Dear Willy....
by: Wendy

There is SO MUCH MORE To Life... Please consider this little soft
<<< K I C K >>> in the fanny as the starting motivation to LOSE the attitude and the Poor Me.

You have so much more in life to experience.. just need to move past the depressed mindset. Have you seen a doctor... I don't like meds, but sometimes they are necessary to get you back inot life again.

Ever consider a Home Business? I don't know what your life experiences have been... could you help others online with your work experience? MIght you teach a class online? Do you have an adventure to share?

You sound like you need to be heard, need to DO something in life.... that something might be to run your own small home biz. Connect with people. Become the biz owner. Work if and when you are in the mood, and in your pj's too. ;)

Just an idea for you...

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