Forced Out?

by Debra O

I am going to be 64 in a few months and the company that I have worked for 20 years went through a major change and I am one of a handful of management people from the old group.

My job is complex and involves a partnership between Labor and Management and I train both sides on skills and policy. If a person does not like the message (which I do not write the curriculum it is written by our National office) they will complain without any specific facts as to what the problem is and basically they do not like the message and do not want to follow the process. Class evals average no less than 4.75 out of 5 and I get requests to teach both Labor and Management classes for Departmental Groups all the time. Senior Leads received a complaint that has no basis, no investigation, but my Director interviewed several people who support that no wrong doing took place. This was one person out of 45 in a class.

My Director is expecting her first child in April, she went into early labor and was hospitalized during the same time that my daughter died and I was on bereavement leave and she had scheduled a meeting with the Vice President of HR and her boss in an attempt to educate on why these types of complaints happen but was not able to attend the meeting because she was in the hospital.

Today I met with my Director and she stated that her boss was told by the VP that I was to be given discipline. I am at a loss and so is my Director. She is going to be on maternity leave for 6 months and in her absence, I will be reporting to her boss who has not been supportive. So I am trying to plan - feeling like it has to do with my age and that I am part of the old guard and see the writing on the wall.

I am feeling very lost right now and do not know what to do.

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Forced Out?
by: Gary, NY

Dear Debra,

your story is sad but not uncommon in today's workforce. Age bias is dramatically rising and usually very hard if impossible to prove. There is no more acknowledgement for experience but just the bottom line.

I was let go from my upper management position at 58, 2 years ago. The new buzz word is "restructuring" but we know its termination.

They started off trying to find negative issues with my performance which lasted over a year to cover themselves if I took them to court but could only come up with stellar reviews.

As I was one of the last 50's employee to get let go I saw the writing on the wall and planned accordingly. I have since started a small consulting service and don't look back. Even had some facilities interested in me but not sure I even want to get back into that arena again.

Remember, if this relationship ends for you its not because of you and if they offer you a package do not sign ANYTHING until you have an attorney take a look at it. Was the best money I spent.


yep, its that one student
by: Anonymous


I quit my job as a community college adjunct PE teacher because gender issues were being not resolved in terms of locker room and bathrooms, and some students seemed to want to trick me into saying something politically correct so i COULD B used as a tool for their political agenda.

I also had great ratings, and had weathered the occasional student complaints.

Anyway, it is a student-rights political environment these days, with the occasional student running the ship.

Sorry to hear about the difficulty. Please know that it is not personal, no matter how the boss "frames" it. It is most likely, in my opinion, ya da da da, a political position that is being taken, to protect the school from litigation.

Forced Out
by: Sherry/ NC

Regarding employees who do not give specific reasons for change or something they do not approve of in a company article: these
employees do NOT like change. They want everything to stay the same because it is easy! People like easy!

It is too much work to change, but you know what life is better for the change. The work-place is better for the change and yes, we all need change to be more efficient and to better ourselves, others and the companies we work for.

Fortune 500 companies change all of the time because they want to be more productive and they want their employees to be more productive and more money on the bottom line. Well, yes, why not. When our companies earn more money it is better for us too. It means a JOB!!

Do your best everyday for yourself your co-workers and your company!! Everything does come to an end we do retire nothing is forever.

There is much to be done in the world. just do it!!

by: Sandy

As a former HR Manager, I am concerned by the scenario you have painted. You do not need to answer these publicly, but here are some questions:

  • Did you receive a performance appraisal and if so, what was the feedback?
  • Is this the first incident of this type or has something like this occurred before?
  • How significant an issue was this concern?
  • Did someone address the issue with you personally?
  • Was there an actual investigation? If not, have you requested one?
  • Have you talked to your HR Manager?
  • Are there other issues that have been brought to your attention?
  • Is your manager aware of all the good feedback received?
  • Do you have peers and what discipline do they receive when receiving negative feedback?

    If the answer to many of these indicates "sloppy management", I wonder if you are a victim of age bias. If you feel wronged, get some outside counsel.

    In the meantime, follow the rules of that discipline letter and "go with it" while you take some of the other actions.

    This is just my opinion, so take it lightly - you need to do what is right for you so that you remain employed. Do your homework and be objective about yourself.

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