Forced Retirement: asbestosis

by davey hall
(fife scotland uk...)

I was a painter/decorator, I really loved my job, meeting new people, but I soon noticed I couldn't get up stairs or ladders, coughing a lot.

After people telling me to get it looked at, I went and seen my doctor who sent me for a few xrays and a scan, my feet never touched the ground.

I was taken into hospital, I now have home oxygen, cant work, forced to retire, I was never given the option to pick, thrown on the scrap heap, no good to anyone.

I am so glad to of had some money saved, I hope u guys have a good day, take care....davey hall..

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by: Wendy


Many like you simply can't work any longer -- but that does NOT mean you are thrown on the scrap heap.

Consider what you might do instead:

-- Write a book about your condition. Tell your story to help others out there.

-- Start a blog and teach others about this condition. Build a community of people who have the same problem, and let them all help each other with new ideas to make life easier.

-- Start a blog on painting techniques, problems that happen and how to fix them, and all that.


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