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Healthcare Excutive
by: Deborah

Deborah, I have moved your story to it's own page... it's far too important to be a comment here.

I know that others will send feedback.

You've found what many others are still seeking. There IS life after retirement... we just need to open our eyes to the possibilities, realize that life has changed, but not always negatively, just different.

Kudos to You!

yes it must be hard
by: brenda

To Jan and Phyllis, Believe me, Things will get better, they nearly always do. Just get a little book, and write down all the good things in your lives, and then the bad, Cross them off off one by one the Bad ones I mean, and you will find the good ones outdo the bad, and thank god for what you have got.

Jan you have got 2 Sons, I don't have any family al all, and very few loyal friends, I lost a child years ago. I will be your friend if you want me to.

Now Phylis, you seem a very strong person, and you have got a lovely sound to your voice, So i know you will make it, and if you want to talk I am here for you too.

Write all the bad things down, cross them off, and the good ones give them a tick, at the end of all this, you will feel lighter in yourself, and feel better.

Good luck to you both. Brenda.

Aiy Dil Tujhe Kasam Haiy, Himmat Na Haarnaa ....
by: Mr. Durgesh Kumar Sivastava New Delhi, India

The title to this comment is the opening line of an old Hindi film song. It calls upon your heart never to give up in the face of odds. Always have courage (Himmat).
Ram was a young boy, his heart was not in studies. The result was that he remained lowly educated Ram had little chance of getting into a job. Without a job, how can you get a wife? Ram got a job as a daily wage earner in an office.
Ram got a marriage proposal, was married to a dark coloured uneducated daughter of a policeman.Ram and his wife produced four children in the first 6 years of marriage. ? three daughters and one son. In four years he successfully married off his first two daughters.
When Ram retired from his job at 58, his eldest daughter was less than 20 and his youngest child, the son, was about 11 or so. None of the children had completed their education. Ram had yet to settle them in life and career. In India a father cannot relax unless he marries off his daughters and settles his sons in jobs.
Ram spoke to me one day ? ?Bhaiya, Abb Kya Hoga?? (Brother, what will happen now?)
I said: Nothing Bad ? you will find a post retirement job. That?s all ! But where is this job ? I said ? You will dind it. Go, begin your search. Ram got the job within less than a month. It was a job with a book stall at the railway station Ram would go on his bi-cycle in the morning and come back late in the night. But he was happy.
Tragedy struck then. Ram?s cycle was hit by a speeding motorbike and Ram broke his legs. What will happen now? He asked me. Nothing! The fractures will set in two months and then you will go to work again. It did happen as I had said. Ram?s employer was kind. He offered him additional pay to cover cycle-rickshaw fares as Ram could not ride his bicycle. Ram worked hard and married off his last daughter.
Ram was very happy. Whenever he would meet me he would hold me by the hands and thank me for my encouraging attitude towards him. Only one thing remained now. The settlement of his ;son in a suitable job. But bad luck seemed to follow Ram. He was in his late 60s and frail in health from life?s constant struggles. He had a severe heart attach and was bed ridden. I went to see him. He look at me with sad eyes and pointed towards his son ? He has no job, he said! What he will happen to him?
I said ? Have no worry. Worry does not solve any problem. One has to struggle in life. I called his son and asked him to go to meet his father?s employer ? the book sho[ owner..
The boy did as I had advised. The book shop owner was fully satisfied with Ram?s decade long dedicated service. He offered to the young man the job that his father was doing at the book shop. In due course of time, I received a wedding invitation card. It was for the Baaraat (wedding function) of Ram?s son. It is well said God helps those,Who help themselves !
Mr. Durgesh Kumar sRivastava New Delhi, India, 21.9.10

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