Forced retirement

by Tuula
(Sth Porcupine,Canada)

I am a 55 yr old Female I have worked for this community college for 37yrs. I am at the top of the Payscale.

Recently i was told that they wanted me to retire. They made me the offer and I told them I was not ready at this early age.

I was told that I should except there offer because I will not like it here after.

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forced retirement
by: kae

Hi Tuula
It's a difficult decision to make, especially if you really like your job, and planned on working until age 65. Have you considered approaching the supervisors to work out an arrangement whereby you remain at the college in another capacity? Or, just hang in there for the next 10 years. It might be an interesting challenge.

Forced Retirement, not easy...
by: Wendy,


They can't make you retire -- but they can make it difficult if you stay. Do you want that stress? Most, at this point, don't -- and we simply retire.

I retired like you, just months away from 37 years at age 55.... and it was my decision. I had had enough... been there and done that. Just ready...

One day, driving to work, the springtime blossoms on all the trees just told me to walk away.. sounds weird, but I did give notice that very morning.

Never regretted it.

My LIFE was my work. I didn't do hobbies, didn't have many friends outside work....

It can be done. You will find new friends and make lunch dates to assure you get out. You will take up new hobbies and enjoy the leisurely fun. Heck - you might even do a website for income, like me...

The world is open to you... you just need to consider what you want.

It's all about your Retirement Mindset. You need an attitude that retirement is YOUR decision, if and when YOU are ready.. and then be good with it!


P.S. If you are a workaholic like me, and if work is your life.... believe me when I say, nobody cares after you leave. Yes, everyone still likes me, but nobody missed me. Someone carried on, and they will for you too.

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