Forced Retirement

One year ago I was a CEO of a non for profit mental health organisation. I enjoyed my work and had been there for 8 years. The board of directors pushed out the chairperson that I had a very good working relationship.

After that everything changed, the new chair person started to treat me badly unnecessarily and impose unrealistic goals.

I tried hard to please, however he came and told me I should take early retirement.

This put me into high stress and anxiety and one year of litigation. I was paid a little bit more than what was offered but I left without saying goodbye to my staff and clients.

Since then I have lost motivation and force myself to be with friends or socialise. I want to have peace and only see my children and grandchildren. I applied for jobs with no success. I have given up looking. Now I am looking for purpose and how to bring back joy.

I am on antidepressants and sleeping tablets as I cannot sleep and then wake up at midday.

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To Sam
by: GS

Look at the bright side, you are eligible for SS and or a pension and have the choice to retire or not.

Many of us are not in that situation. I was let go at 58 a year and a half ago. Too young to retire and too old to get a job in my field. Age discrimination today is awful. After our facility got a new CEO, the place became a toxic dump. No one was happy including me. After 2 years of layoffs, excuse me "restructuring", it was my turn.

I was actually happy that day because this was the kick I needed to get going on getting a new position. Never did I take into consideration my age. Today I’m still not working, don’t have a paycheck or the socialization network I got from my job.

Looking back if I had a choice I would have stayed in the dump. At least I would be socializing with the few nice people who were left while collecting a paycheck.

If you don’t have lots of friends and hobbies I would continue working. I found the depression from not working to be far more debilitating than the depression I had from the position. Just think the brats in your school are what might be keeping you young.

Me too
by: robert

Yes I am 56 and going through mandatory retirement also. I'm a federal law-enforcement officer and we all must retire by age 57. No if's, and, or butts. I love my job and doing it for 30* years.

While I have a generous retirement package I have never been without a job still turned 16. This is a tough time and I'm not sure what direction to take.

I had figured it would be easy to transfer over to a State or local law-enforcement position and cannot fight the hidden age discrimination that is constantly present.

Not about you
by: Sandy

As an experienced HR person, I always wish I could have met with some of the people who were laid off to tell them NEVER to believe that the layoff was about them. They were just caught in unfortunate circumstances.

Take your time to grieve, grouse about your old company and then find your personal strength to accept that this happened but that you are a good person with lots to offer.

You will overcome this, like many of us have, with some bangs and bruises, but you will survive. And hopefully, you will know that the layoff did open new doors for you. It will happen in its time....your time! All the best. We have all been there!

Forced to Retire
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MAo

Dear Forced to Retire:

There are so many Americans today who are in your same position and feel totally at sea.

However you can count on a jolt like this to force you out of a comfortable rut and gain psychological muscle.

You are obviously intelligent to have gained the CEO position and you have much to offer the world. Someday you are going to look back at this time and realize it was the best thing that could have happened to you. Take some time to trust in the future and just do what you feel like doing.

Oprah Winfrey, when she hit difficult times, said this is when she turns to God and says," Whatever skills I have, use me God." and it obviously worked for her.

Forced retirement
by: Sam

That is my fear that I will be very depressed with complete loss of purpose and fumbling in life.

That being said I am not sure how longer I can teach 7th grade. I will be 67 years old next month and the incoming this a terror with one Teacher quitting, the other retiring, and saying this is the worst year of her life.

I would like to keep going but do not want to make myself and my wife miserable next year.

What is worst?

Comments appreciated

Let Yourself Grieve and Then Move On
by: Linda/Nevada

I, too, was laid off in a way that was hurtful and hard to accept. I can relate to sleeping late and taking sleeping pills.

Little by little I am learning that this event in my life must not consume me. Reading the postings of other people on this blog has taught me not to feel that this forced retirement was aimed at me personally.

Unfortunately, we are living in a time where employers use lay offs to solve their problems.

I am a big believer in karma because I have seen over and over again how unfair situations are dealt with by the power of karma. It's hard to believe this concept because we want to see immediate remedies and outcomes but karma has its own time table for righting the wrongs that are committed against us. \

When I retired two years ago, I started keeping a running list of the things that I did like about being retired. At the beginning, my list was pretty small but over time it is growing.

Just like a divorce, the feelings of loss and injustice seem like they will never stop the hurt we are feeling. What you are feeling now is normal but emotional healing takes time. Let yourself grieve and then one day, hopefully soon, you will start to find ways to write a new chapter in your life. Don't beat yourself up for losing your job. Poor evaluations are employers biggest weapon for getting rid of their older employees.

Give yourself time and patience and let karma take care of the rest.

Forced Retirement
by: Anonymous

Same thing happened to husband 9 months ago. Has been deeply depressed since then. It shook his confidence to the core.

Although you don't feel like doing, my opinion is that it is important to be a around ppl. Husband is happier after he has socialized.

I am so sorry you has to endure this experience.

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