Fork in the Road: what would YOU do?

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The Fork in the Road

Susan had always been a woman of resilience. For the past 15 years, she had been juggling her demanding job as a financial analyst with the responsibilities of being a single mother. Her days were a whirlwind of meetings, school runs, and cooking meals. Yet, she tackled each day with determination, fuelled by the love for her daughter and the satisfaction she derived from her work.

But today was different. Today, Susan found herself standing at a fork in the road of her life, torn between two paths.

She sat at her desk, her office space cluttered with financial reports and spreadsheets. Her current project was a high-stakes one, riddled with complexities. Her team was looking up to her for guidance, her boss expecting nothing less than perfection.

On her left were her work files - a testament to her dedication, her ambition, and the expectations of her colleagues. On her right was a family photograph, taken on her mother's 80th birthday - a reminder of her responsibility towards her ailing mother.

Susan's mother had recently been diagnosed with dementia. She was 85, and her health was rapidly deteriorating. Susan was her only child, and the responsibility of her care was solely on her shoulders. She had always dreamt of being there for her mother, providing her with the care and comfort she needed in her twilight years.

But, she also had a responsibility towards her job, her team. "Can I just walk away from all this?" Susan thought, her gaze shifting from the family photograph to the work files.

Her contemplation was interrupted by a ping on her computer. It was an email from her boss, reminding her of the upcoming deadline. She glanced at the clock, her heart pounding. The pressure was mounting.

As she walked towards the meeting room, Susan couldn't shake off the image of her mother's smiling face in the photograph. She knew she was at a fork in the road. Would she continue with her job, fulfilling her professional duties but leaving her mother in someone else's care? Or would she quit her job, becoming the caregiver her mother needed but risking financial instability?

Susan knew she had a difficult choice to make, one that would alter the course of her life. But for now, she had a meeting to attend. The decision would have to wait.

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fork in the road
by: diane canada

I think family come first but being a caregiver will b much harder than what you are doing now. Take a bit of time to prepare. make sure you have respite for you to get away and do something you enjoy.

At some point you mom will probably be beyond the care you can give and you will be alone. be prepared I guess is all I can say.

They will quickly find someone to replace you at work.. so unless you enjoy the work so much you cant leave, you only have one mom.

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