Found My Retirement
"Niche In Life"...

by Maureen
(Victoria, B. C. Canada)


My name is Maureen. I was a stay at home Mom until the youngest child left school,I found that I needed more from life, so went searching for work.

I found a rewarding job with a charitable organization where I remained for sixteen years, during this time my husband attended University to study History.

Two years later my job came to a close, I could never find work that brought me the same satisfaction, so stayed home and knitted, then what I had made was donated to a Native centre.

Friends from Victoria on Vancouver Island came to visit, and told us that there were places to rent for seniors, we put in an application, had an interview, three weeks later we'd been accepted, so packed up and moved to the Island.

After moving here, I needed something to do, I wasn't yet sixty, but we learned that we could both join a Senior Centre.

I've been a member for thirteen years, where I've made lots of friends, plus I volunteer my time there a couple of days a week.

I have now found my niche in life.


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"Niche In Life"...

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Retirement: Would love to share sunny, (and cloudy) days
by: Judy, 67

Hi, Maureen, I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. I am very interested in sharing life, both in the past and present. My interests are great, but I will list a few for you. I love to cook..especially bake, read (about baking..Ha!) listen to music..none of this modern stuff, though. I garden some, love the country. I don't live in the country anymore, but it's nice to remember. I love animals; I have two dogs.

I would be interested in learning about where you live, your family, just anything you would like to share.

My best,


by: O.P.Jolly

Dear Maureen,

I read your letter with interest. I'm from India and visited Vancouver in 1983 for attending International conference on Sociology. I liked the place and people. The Dolphin park is very interesting. You might have visited, tell us how is it now.

Knitting is a good and artistic art, please continue to create new designs.
Wish you pleasent and joyful life.

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