FREE BOOK! A Hope-filled, "Third Act" Love Story - My Gift to You

by Mark Heckler

Like many other retirees I have encountered on this wonderful site, my Number One Bucket List item was to write a book. Well, almost nine years later here it is!

MY HEART WANTS, by Mark Heckler (yep, that's me) is about two 68-year-old, high school classmates who haven't seen each other in thirty years, since their 20th reunion 'downey ocean.'

Jackson, from a very small community on Maryland's Eastern Shore, who retired AND was divorced on his 62nd birthday, longs for one more epic road trip before he's too old to drive.

Doni, also divorced and living all those years less than an hour away, is lonely beyond description and stepping far outside her comfort zone, responds to Jackson's blast email seeking a traveling companion.

Their intense and tender love story zigs and zags in several surprising directions, and I will not give away the ending here. But I will happily give away this 163-page Word document via email and ask only that you let me know what you think of my story.

It's a quick read, it will leave you uplifted and smiling, perhaps even hopeful, and all you need to do is send your email address to me at:

mwheckler AT yahoo DOT com

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

wendy: I spelled out your email address so it isn't captured by spam engines... and spit out in many more directions. :)

Now, why not upload to Amazon? People love books in the "short" category!

Thanks Mark!

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