Free Coaching Calls: I learn from speaking to retirees!

by Wendy,

On my free calls, I pray I help people in some small way.
I love connecting with new retirees, learning about life through their eyes.

Oddly enough, I am also learning new things about retired life too... never stop learning! It opens your eyes to new possibilities, new though processes, keeps you challenged in life!

  • From a retired military officer, I learned that adult children can possibly draw a higher Social Security benefit on the parents record. We all know disabilities can get SSI benefits, but what I didn't realize is that when the parent retires, the disabled adult children (if they qualify) can begin to draw a higher payment. That also means the longer the parent works, and the more they earn, the higher the disabled adult childs lifetime benefit too. Hope this helps another retiree out there. Learn more here!

  • Pssst! This man told me "I am Happy!" and never mentioned the disabled daughter except when talking about Social Security benefits. I think he has made peace with what is. I wish more retirees could do that!

  • Another retiree is a retired RN who was a Federal and State Health Inspector for years. She lives comfortably, and I truly believe she is ready to jump in and help the world in some manner. Sometimes, it simply takes time to decompress from the toxic and stressful environment you've worked in for years. Then you emerge as a knowledgeable individual ready to help others in some small way!

  • After 37 years of work, another retiree actually retired but only her husband knows. She hasn't told family or friends. How sad is that? In her 37 year employment, she did what needed to be done, and should be honored for that work ethic at this point. Instead, she is embarrassed she has retired. WOW! She worked THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS (same as me)... surely she deserves a retired phase of life that is rewarding and yet full of contentment! She is now writing a Gratitude Journal to help get past this strange transition phase of life!

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