Free time and no boss anymore

by Pat
(Green Bay WI, USA)

I had a good job but still was sick of it; you play by all the rules and still see things happen that are not right.

I like the free time YET have to get myself going from too much FREE TIME.... READ, I love TV series, walking, biking, and small travel trips. I love being able to help with my grandkids (not asked enough), but love it.

BUT I do have fears how long this will last being able to do things; that scares me as I see friends have an illness and everything changes.

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Easy days
by: Franklin

I think it is hard to get your arms around the fact that our bodies, no matter how good we are to them, will fail. I think that is why it is easier to take life day by day.

You only ever have this day, no matter how old you are. A car accident, cancer, hell, a fall in the shower. You just never know.

The funny thing is we PLAN for the future, and good thing we did, or we couldn’t retire, but it’s that future focus that bites us in the butt once we do retire.

I have worked since I was 14. I loved my job, but it became so all-consuming that I couldn’t concentrate on other parts of my life. I’d sit down to read, and my mind, or a text, email, or phone call would pull me away. It’s taken nearly two years to just feel free to sit and read.

Let today fill you, and give yourself permission to just enjoy having this time. It’s a gift.

Free time and no boss anymore
by: Sherry/Wilmington,NC

In all my working years I never had a just a "good" boss!

When I finally retired I sat down one day and thought about that and I cried. I was an excellent employee and did my best everyday and minded my own business. I had to go the CEO at one company and
complain about my manager because she was micro-managing me simply because she was that controlling! I was doing my job and going above and beyond. The CEO supported me and stopped
her from controlling me!!

By this time I only had 2 more years to retirement, thank God!!!

old age requires a good partner
by: yıldız Ersöz

İt is lucky of you to have a good partner to be supported by..Hoewever if the partner is not an understamnding tolerant one, it is a real burden to have him or her..

Free time and no boss
by: Elna Nugent/

Pat : This may sound simplistic but if you can absolutely trust in the future, you will be quite happy with what will come your way. Trust in the unconditional universal love that is constantly around you and prepare to be amazed daily..

I'm not kidding.

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