Freedom and choices in retirement

by Diane Alter
(New York)

Originally living in the country and working as a freelance writer and pet-sitter, I'm now in a nursing home (at just 70).

At first, I couldn't adjust because the lifestyle is so different. The activities are craft-oriented and I'm not crafty. So I listed more thought-provoking lectures and classes and submitted them to the therapeutic activities director. She loved them!

I also went back to my original passions- writing, decorating, collecting, reading (avidly), appreciating art, keeping busy on the computer. And-especially- being an advocate for animals. I also developed a love for music.

When I read, it's mostly humor. I order books from a discount book catalog.

I do miss parts of my "old life"- thrift shops and garage sales.

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how can I get humor books
by: Anonymous

Please let me know how you find humor books. I really am at a loss.


Wendy: Simply do an search for "funny books for aging woman" and see what pops up! Click the link!

by: Anonymous

THRIFT and shop on line

Retirement Home Living
by: Patricia Murphy SW Mich

Hi Diane,

Sounds to me like you're making the very best of the situation. Good for you!

If you're busy on the computer you know there's a whole world out there just waiting for you to explore it. And reading is where it's at for me, too.

Have you checked in to BookBub? It will send you a list of books every day, you can purchase them for usually .99 cents and download them to NOOK or KINDLE - or like me, usually then get them or request them to be put on hold at the local library.

You can visit museums and art galleries without going anywhere, you can exercise to videos online to visit anyplace while you do so without ever leaving your nest. You lotta love it all. I know I do.

At any rate, you're doing great.

by: Loyce!

You can shop on/line and read and enjoy games. Have fun.

Living in assisted living
by: Anonymous

Diane, I believe you are unusual and amazing. I am a piano teacher and often my students give recitals in assisted living lounges. Mostly the people there seem to have no interests (they do like pets and children). You have helped fashion your environment to help you and I'm sure others to enjoy life and actually live instead of just existing.

Nursing Home
by: Joe W.

Please explain. I understand that your in a nursing home at the age of 70. I visited a nursing home some time ago.

The impression I got is that most of the seniors had trouble with basic life skills like mobility. I didn't see anyone undertaking the kind of activities that you are doing.

Does that mean that if your health & well being is improved you could be moved down to an assisted living facility where you could have more freedom to do whatever your presently doing?

Joe W.

by: Irwin Lengel / Lakeland FL

Way to go Diane

Love your spirit, attitude, and energy.

Humor is a fantastic medicine - sometimes better than that which is prescribed for us.

Would love to know the name of the place you order your humor books from as I am always on the lookout for new/updated material.

Thanks for sharing the post with us.


Go Diane!
by: Wendy

Within a few days, I'm going to write about a 90-year old senior I had lunch with in Vegas... she loves living in Assisted Living and has an attitude like you!

Make the best of it. You only have one life!

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