by Roxann D

Over the last few years, I have lost most of the people I could count on when I needed to go do something or just talk.

So now I'm retired and even though my husband is working from home, he is working. I feeling lonely and not really motivated.

With Covid problem, I can't even volunteer anywhere which would give me something to look forward to.

We moved to WA about 9 years ago and never connected with a church so even lost that. And most of the church are still having a difficult time.

Open to any suggestions anyone might have.

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Worthy work from home
by: Seeker from home

I suggest a volunteer-from-home job, of which there are plenty. It doesn't get you out and with people, but it gives purpose and some human contact.

For me, here's how it began: I wanted to help somehow when the pandemic started and I saw the medical workers struggling.

As a retired 68-year-old lab technician, I know how to do PCR, but my meager experience and education shortcomings, and age made me unwanted as a volunteer, never mind employee. Stuck feeling useless!

Then my cell phone rang. A pleasant young-sounding woman on the other end identified herself as a volunteer from Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers. She was calling to inquire if I had everything I needed, was I alone, and so on.

I am fine, but was wanting to contribute to the community, but was afraid to go out into the virus-ridden world. I could, however, make phone calls! So, rather than have someone call me, I volunteered to call others.

In the process, I have met an interesting elderly man (no romance, I am solely a helper) whom I still call weekly and now I also volunteer with my local Agency on Aging to help other seniors make appointments for vaccinations.

Many people can't get online and make their appointments and, boy, do they appreciate the help!

You're also contributing to the end of the pandemic!

New Friends
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA


I think most of us who talk on this page like to hear about people who are new to Massachusetts and especially who still live in this area.

It is interesting to learn from people and where they are originally from. Just a first name can get things started.

Although I am originally from the other side of this state (north of Boston) my husband's job brought us here to the Berkshires. ( have four children and eight grandchldren. I'm not sure I could live anywhere else after living here.

We have learned to love the beautiful Berkshire Hills. Although I am now widowed, I still find much to appreciate every day of my life.

Love to you all,
Elna Nugent (last name pronounced as if
it were "new jent".)

Would love to know more about others who live in the Berkshires. ......Elna

Finding something to do
by: Sherry/NC

Yes, you can. Wendy's suggestions are right on target. You can go to church, just wear your mask and social distance. You can smile at folks. They can see you smile with your eyes.

I was lonely at home during the Covid and found a part-time job in a doctor's office. I am the oldest one in there, but what the heck the employees like me and I like the young folk. Because I work in health care I have had both Covid vaccine shots.

AARP is a good source for volunteer jobs your local Senior Center can help you.

Take good care and watch out for the cold winter.

by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Look to the right column and join the Community, under Friendship Here.

Lots of chatty seniors and many more who do not participate in the group, but find a few friends and chat via email instead. Communication is key.

If you haven't found a church in 9 years, you probably aren't really looking -- and that's ok. Depending on your location, churches might be open again... ours are. My church keeps it as safe as possible and many prefer going, instead of watching online.

The church could be a good way to find new friends... one hour on Sunday morning. Visit a new one each week--either virtually online or go there. Pick one and start attending... get there early, see if anyone chats with you, look for volunteer opportunities, learn about who is who and what they believe -- and when everything is totally open again, you are already known there. Just a thought...

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