Frozen Donuts

by Sharol

Okay so my first task for today was to freeze my donut holes ~ accomplished ~ ha, ha!

My second task was to start crocheting again ~ haven't done it in 20 years or so ~ the goal was to keep my fingers, hands, and mind occupied as I waited for the sun (to help avoid eating donuts). I was going to do that for an hour but it well it didn't come back to me ha, ha! Actually it was a little frustrating may have to re-evaluate that task.

Anyway after 30 minutes I moved on to task three. I did research on the computer and that turned into 2 hours. But a pretty good start :>)

Anyway it is 10:30, the sun is shining and I'm off for a nice walk.

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Red Hat for Babies
by: Janet

I pulled out my crochet hooks after many years of not touching them too.

The American Heart Association, in my area asked knitting and crocheting enthusiasts to help celebrate American Heart Month by knitting and crocheting red hats for babies born in February at participating hospitals. There were some simple directions given. I was surprised to see how my skills came back quickly after some practice.

Then I volunteered at my local American Heart office to help sort the hats that were sent off to a cleaner to be sterilized. There were so many red hats donated from preemies to larger hats.

It was such a heartwarming event to volunteer in that I have decided to do it again next year.

Frozen Donuts
by: Christine/Maryland

Hi Sharol,
One of the most challenging things to do, is to start a task, and stay with it. I am excited that you made the decision to establish s few changes (tasks) that you felt really needed to be put in place for your good.

Even the fact that you feel you may need to evaluate the frozen donuts task is a good thing, because maybe you do.

But whatever task you set in motion, always make sure that it is something that is going to benefit your body, your mind, your soul, and your spirit. We only get one shot at life, though I think subconsciously, many of us (including me) really don't believe that. :) :)

So we want to strive to make sure that we are happy, giving back, and that our mind and body is alert, energetic, and ready to enjoy this fantastic season called retirement.

I am rooting for you to continue to set good tasks that will serve to bless and not hinder you -- you are worth it. Continue to take good care of wonderful you.

Frozen Oreos
by: Anonymous

Have you ever tried frozen oreo cookies? Great with a cold glass of milk!

frozen donuts and more
by: joio

hi, i put my crochet hooks and knitting needles away for several years. never get rid of your tools! i’m glad i didn’t. a hook here, a set of needles there add up especially when you prefer bamboo or wood. too much of an investment to ever give up.

i knit and crochet but stopped for several years and i remember my hand-mind-eye coordination was there immediately with one but not with the other. i felt clumsy doing one at first. i’ve been doing both again for quite some time now so i forget which was the more difficult one. knitting in my case, i think, as i’ve pretty much been sticking to crochet. one thing you might try is holding your hook and/or yarn differently. i had to with the yarn. our hands’ flexibility and even shape of fingers can change over time - i know my fingers are still long but i wear much larger ring sizes thani ever did before.

don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t come back as quickly. maybe a one on one refresher class with someone or looking at some youtube videos on how to crochet might help. i found small quick projects were best for me at first. anyway, that’s me.

i hope something i wrote helped or was encouraging.

best wishes! o and i hope the donuts were delicious!

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