Fulfilled or just existing in retirement?

by Kathleen Montgomery
(Fort Worth, Tx)

Big life changes that have shaped my life.

I was divorced after 33 years of marriage. My son invited me to live with him in Tx. I left Il. as soon as I finished my last radiation treatment for cancer. I worked for a few years in Tx. and retired after 49 years of nursing.

Leaving my friends behind has been difficult. I have not made close friends in Tx. I think retirement has impacted that. I go to church regularly, visited the senior center but stopped when I started caring for my son's wife who had metastatic breast cancer. She passed last February.

I'm by nature a positive person. I enjoy people. I trust too much. As a result, I'm embarrassed to say, I was scammed out of $20,000 savings. As a result, I struggle on a social security budget. I offered myself as a pet sitter. Not a booming income for me. I almost got scammed on that. Now I'm leery of any job offer.

My dream job would be a companion for someone who needs a personal assistant. I would enjoy going out to dinner, movies, travel. I'm lonely.

I feel I have much to give and in limbo right now. The good Lord will lead me where he wants me to be. That's my story. Thank you for listening.

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Retirement.....is a learning curve
by: Kathryn

What caught my eye, was your divorce after 33yrs.; me too!

I involuntarily retired, because of an accident that made it so I could no longer do elderly/disabled caregiving. I have never been so empathetic for my clients, as I was/am now. It's a long story.....but I ended up back on an island in Alaska. I used to live and work on another more populated part of AK.

I truly miss working but I'm getting used to taking care of myself instead. Maybe what happened was kismet, and I'm supposed to be here where I am, .....maybe.

My girls and their families all live in So CA but I would have a hard time readjusting to CA living anymore. I truly love the peace of this place.

I've learned to grow herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes. Actually I've learned a lot more about nature.

Anyway, retiring wasn't supposed to happen til 2019 and even though I'm on a fixed, low income, I'm fine. I worried for nothing about savings and income.

Retiring was an abrupt change in my life, but time marches on!!

by: Mitz

Hi, yes it is very hard to retire after leaving the health care professions. We are so accustomed to helping people. And so called gray divorces are tough as well.

It was so kind of you to help your daughter in law during her passing!

Would you consider part time nursing? At a school, Red Cross, or free clinic? There is much need for nurses for international aid, but that may be too much for a person, though it would be very exciting.

If you need a travel companion let me know.

retired in Texas
by: Anonymous

Aren't you happy to be out of Illinois winter? It sounds like your son may need your emotional support if his wife died recently.

Most people do pay when you dog sit, sorry you have had bad experiences but it should eventually be a good steady income (at least that is what the dog sitters in this area discover).

Good lu, you are a talented person you will find your way to a satisfactory retirement.

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