Funny Get Well Gift

If you are looking for a Funny Get Well Gift, that's inexpensive and thoughtful too.. this is it!

This gift will provide some sweet munchies and a few laughs too!

You can buy a simple Get Well Gift bag, a pretty basket or a simple set of coffee mugs... and stuff all the goodies inside!

This do it yourself get well gift is funny because the different items you will enclose all have special meanings. You might get creative yourself and think up more!

Most of these things can be purchased at a dollar store. You can pack a whole package of candy, or only a few of each, and make several gifts at once.

You can stuff a Post Office Priority mail box full of these items and mail it off to a friend far away too!

Finally, click the Get Well Survival Kit link below to view my PDF File. You can print the file and insert these three pages inside your gift! This is a free printable if you'd like to use it.

Get Well Survival Kit

Of course, you can also make the Get well basket, and write the meanings of the items you choose to include, right on your card! Simplicity! You might also print the list, cut out the items you'll use and tape them on them items in your basket.. maybe printed on color paper!

The following are Get Well Baskets from Amazon. As you can see, they are fairly expensive, and really nice too. For approximately half the cost, you can make the do it yourself basket, or take the easy way out and simply send one directly from Amazon to your own family member or friend!