Further Reflections on Reflection

by matt i

I am a baby boomer retired going on 6 years and found some profound solace reading our USA and in some cases European history to appreciate how we arrived here.

Lucky to have a computer to access all the tremendous information at an eye blink. We remain fortunate to even discuss retirement.

No one to my knowledge thought about a phase of life that for most people wasn't mapped out for them. It seems to me we should consider the word retirement to mean reflection time.

It doesn't sound right I left this earth at the job while on the job. Reflection and retirement are our USA'S bonus for living in a culture that has that miracle to offer.

Most countries retired people live on reduced food, water, and shelter and certainly in North America as well.

Reflection and Retirement are really part of our biological process that only requires us to determine if we wish to smile ( 14 muscles ) or frown ( 64 muscles ).

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Love your positivity
by: June in Wisconsin

Enjoyed reading your thoughts. We are fortunate to be retired here. I am thankful every day. Stay happy, Matt

by: Lynn

For me, too many minutes spent in reflection brings regrets for poor choices made and times lived wrongly and badly.

Staying in the moment is easier without reflection.


Smile, Retiree, Smile!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Good Last Line! Woot!

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