Future plans

by A J S
(Chandigarh, India)

I am 59, have worked for 41 years, have retired with pension and have other income from land and rentals. Per se, we are financially ok. Children have flown from the nest, doing well for themselves, no issues there. Been married for 30 years, both of us enjoy good health, personal chemistry, happy with our lives and looking forward to retired lives.

During last nine years, I had been involved in counselling the young regarding their career options, advising on financials matters to meet these needs and other career counselling. It as indeed a satisfying job as well a social service, where I always went beyond the call of duty.

Having retired, I am now at home for last one month and missing those sessions with this segment of society, as that was my way of ploughing back to society and being busy.

I am looking at fruitful options in this regard, any suggestions are welcome.

With best wishes in your fruitful vocations and wishing you a happy, healthful and purposeful life ahead!

God bless!

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Older & Getting Stale
by: Joe W.


Hi! When I was reviewing your past experiences I was guessing that you were in your late 70's not the actual 59 years old.

It's interesting to see that you planned the first 59 years of your life just like clock work then it seems that you kind of hit the wall. I'm assuming that you are no longer interested in counseling young people.

There are a lot of older mature people that develop an interest in the Arts or even small business. Are you a writer, a painter, or maybe pottery maker?

What other passions do you have now that you reached 59. At that age I became interested in writing which led to writing and self publishing a Book & a Blog.

Take Care!

Joe W.

Figure out what you can do for others.
by: Betty audet

You obviously have enjoyed helping others in your work. so clearly one of the best things you can do with your time is to do volunteer work that brings you into contact with others to whom you can provide help. I hope your husband also likes to work with people.

Since I have no clue about where you live I don't feel that I can make suggestions.

You may want to do some travel to help you decide.

Future plans
by: Ned

I have been retired for 15 years and just getting into a few things I had promised my self that I would do

Some times it is just raising your hand to volunteer at some function .. they see what you can do and you will have made the connection.

Schools are always looking for adult mentors, and even your church. There are many organizations one can belong to also, and there are as many of those as there are interests.

One of the orgaizations I found waa the Hearing Loss Association of America... as I had been having a hearing problem and the hearing aids were really not helping. I ran into a couple that had the HLAA logo on their jackets and just asked what it was all about.

Seems I asked the right person as they were officers in the local chapter and thru their association and meeting I have learned hearing loss is a coping Now I am a ambassador for them. People are eager to sell the aid but do not tell you really what they are capable of or not capable of .

The scouting organizations are also great if you enjoy working with young people. Again can create some great friendships both yound and adults.

So really guess you just have to keep your eyes and ears open and not be afraid to raise your hand .

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