Garage Sales... Bargains, Bargains!

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Who loves Garage Sales as I do?

I just visited garage sales at Mom's Sub--too much fun. Geesh! I love bargains! :)

I bought two Martha Stewart outdoor swivel chairs and a ceramic topped table for only $30 ($279 online for the chairs alone) -- wow! AND better yet, they fit my deck perfectly!

Same garage sale, two doors over; I found two green/white outdoor rugs for the deck; they are big and in a bold leaf pattern, for only $10 each!

So Happy! Now, it's not that I couldn't afford them, mind you, it's the hunt and the bargains that do it for me!

There were a lot of cars pulling into the sub as I left at 10 am! Fun Times!

Terry is waiting for the last of four baby robins to leave the nest on our deck -- and we never knew robins recycled nests, but this particular nest has been used three years in a row, each mama robin adding new nesting materials on top of the old. Terry put a board over the nest, so it has a roof :) so the babies are kept relatively dry! No wonder someone uses it each year!

So, after they all leave the nest, Terry will restain the deck, put the rugs down, my new table and chairs, and we will enjoy a glass of wine out there!

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garage sales
by: Anonymous

Ha I love the hunt, the bargain, the creativity - but I long for a clutter free environment too. HAHA to me

Thank you
by: Leaking Ink

Great bargain finds! Please thank Terry for me for taking such good care of your annual robin families. It’s such fun watching them grow.

Enjoy your deck and new furniture this summer.

Garage Sales
by: Tammie/Florida

Yes, I also find garage sales not only fun and $ saving, but think of it as daily exercise.

I'm an Occupational therapist by day/gradually phasing out work; however, it is so true that as I age, I must keep active. This is a great way of walking at least an hour or two, getting in/out of the car and having to bend over to look at items.

A suggestion is to go to the community sales so not only can you get great savings, but also park your car and walk, walk, walk.

Happy shopping and staying fit.

by: Sherry/ NC

You did well at bargain shopping, Wendy!
You go girl!

Garage Sales
by: Mary Lou/ Buffalo

I LOVE Garage Sales! You just NEVER know what you will find ! I'm a Minimalist and have reduced my 'stuff' but I find a few Amazing things every year- and I just Love looking at them - some need some cleaning up or painting- etc - but I enjoy this too !

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