Gay pride

by Rosemary
(Sheffield England)

Hi From England

Had news this week that didn't really surprise me that elder daughter told me she was gay. She has been through two disastrous relationships with men so I am really pleased for her. Just sorry she took so long to tell me.

She is 46. She has a girlfriend and at last seems very happy which has not been for a long time,
Otherwise life continues just the same.

Had a mini-heatwave on Friday...90 degrees. Hubby nearly passed out on a walk in the sunshine...just not used too it.

Mind you, I love it but worried about having to carry him back to the car as he is 200lbs and I am only 100! There were no helpful passing walkers so he just came round slowly after sitting on the grass for a while. Then he couldn't get up so had to pull him up...did my back no good though!

Weather back to it's usual dreary state and more alarms about the dreaded virus seems there is no end to it.

Best wishes

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by: Cindi H, Ohio

I'm glad your daughter is with someone she cares about. Our eldest daughter is gay but overemotional and tends to push people away or be suspicious of them. She was actually married twice before she told us. I wish she would meet someone and feel better about life.

I also wanted to suggest that you get your husband to a doctor for a check up just to make sure his health is ok. I understand feeling the heat too much, but make sure he has not acquired some serious health issue besides.

I wish your walking paths had benches like my parks do. It makes walking so much more enjoyable knowing that if you start overdoing it, you can rest.

Best of luck to you.

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