Get Off the Damn Couch and Do Anything!

Retired after 40+ yrs. Took a vacation with hubby for 2 weeks. Been home for 2 weeks.

Did a vision board for 2019, was excited. Now, still stuck on the couch.

Still going to gym 2 routine days a week.

Having problems making the transition to get my vision into action.

Stuck on couch. Not without friends, hobbies, or a myriad of interests, including charitable work.


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Vision Board experiencd
by: Joe W.

It's probably better to start your retirement plan at ground zero since you didn't do any planning before retirement. What results if any did you get from your vision board experience? And, secondly what is your dream(s) about leisure life, second career job or possibly starting a small business?

Joe W.

Create a vision page
by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida

What is the vision? Do you have a plan to reach that vision?

Create a "vision page." Take a sheet of paper. Write the vision across the bottom of the page. Then, starting at the top of the page, write down the steps you will need to take each day to achieve your vision. Review your "vision page" to keep yourself on track.

If your vision is to have a beautiful garden, you'll need to turn the soil, buy the seeds, plant the seeds, water the seeds, and then get busy weeding.

My vision is to ride my bike 10,000 miles every year. Off I go every day if my schedule permits, and then I map the miles using a computer app. I then keep track of the miles and my routes on my "vision page."

I also wanted to become a REALTOR® and sell real estate in my retirement. So, my "vision page" included the steps I needed to take in order to take courses, study for the exam, pass the exam, interview with brokerages, etc.

I have a small framed saying given to me by a friend. It says "success comes to those who take a dream and make it come true."

Get off the couch and make your vision come true!

Get off the couch
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Do Anything:

My daughter and I once decided to take a course in Feng Shui , a very ancient Chinese way of living that heals our lives. We were just curious to see what it was all about.

It was worth doing --especially the part where daily or weekly get rid of some of the stuff we have in our house that is just collecting dust. Each day, we would clean out a little section of a room, and something seemed to happen. was as if we were cleaning something we didn't need out of "ourselves."

Feng Shui also invites us to wake up daily and say to ourselves:
"Feel no anger,,,have no diligent in all undertakings...and treat others with kindness"

Many blessings to you..

So Familiar
by: Wendy,

Your story matches many others out there.

THAT is the reason people hire Life Coaches. They own a business, want to reach a fitness goal, need to eat better, need to lose fears, etc etc etc. It's so hard to motivate yourself. So hard.

I just removed the Free Call schedule from this site. Write to me via the Contact Me link to the right -- let's talk. Maybe I can help get you UNstuck.

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