Get Paid to Help Others via Google

by Wendy

This is one of many tips I got from the conference.

You've probably never heard of Helpouts but you can add a service, your fee, and wait for someone to contact you via video feed.

In the class, the instructor tried a FREE helpout, and the helper came up on the computer screen and asked "How Can I Help You?" He was a computer security expert... and pretty surprised to learn that a large conference was watching his interaction with the instructor!

I just viewed some of the offers, and I saw:

-- a retired electrician ($1 per minute)

-- help making an important decision ($1 per minute)

-- lawn care consultation (free)

-- guitar, ukelele, bass help (free)

-- how to draft sketch a painting ($4.99 for 15 minutes)

Looks like it could be FUN to interact with others by helping them. It could be profitable too!

Here is the site! Google Helpouts

Have fun and best wishes!

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Feb 15, 2014
Precious Advice
by: Nina from London

Hello Wendy,

Just reading about your trip to the NAMS Conference and the enthusiasm you have brought back...well, I am flabbergasted. Great stuff! It has given me some ideas which excite me.

What I have to do is figure out how to use my writing skills, art skills and my love of helping people. Right now I help two charities but I also feel I could get started in doing an online business, or a blog, or get involved in helping others. Phew! Just feel I should pray and get inspiration from God who leads in marvelous ways.

Thank you so much for your insights and also this Retirement-Online site which has given lots of people so much enjoyment.

Best Wishes, Nina

Wendy: I was so surprised how many were my age at this conference and were real go-getters. Nobody was stuffy, just real people helping each other in a manner I've never seen before.

THere is so much you can do online... FOCUS is the key.

Pray and it will come to you! Best wishes, Nina!

Feb 13, 2014
Always Amazing!
by: Barbara (The Good Witch) are always up to something amazing!

Looks like you missed the ice storm...good timing.
Welcome home and nice to have you back.

Wendy: Ice Storm: I was so scared I'd be stuck at the Atlanta Airport! Forgot to write that part...I imagined sleeping there for days before the area was de-iced. Grin!

Yeah, I liked the Helpouts -- I figured someone who was a plumber (or anyone with a teachable skill) could help homeowners DIY with their knowledge. PERFECT for retirees with a lifetime of knowledge to share (for profit too).

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