Gettin' Lucky!

by John Rodman, Albany, GA

I fell HARD, on my face, Friday night!

I was fortunate not to break my lens, but bent my frames, and my 12-year-old ONLY pair of spec's, was my first concern.

At my age(67), I should have been more concerned about fracturing a hip-joint. My paternal grandmother fell a couple of times; when she broke her hip (it would not heal; long before replacement surgeries), and was confined to her bed (sedentary is a cuss-word), she soon contracted pneumonia & died from that!

My balance is still good & I stay active, but take great care not to become the victim of a fall. Friday, I was plying my fiance-say with alcohol at the GARDEN INN, hoping to get lucky; I'm lucky I'm not dead!

First time I have had any alcoholic beverage since 1984; shoulda went for an even better record, but now I get free coffee at AA meet.


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by: Phillip DeNise

About an hour ago, Almeda & I had the supper I started cooking just after breakfast; put 1.3 lb. beef chunks & one can of mushroom soup (adding salt liberally) into my 1.5 qt. crock pot & plugged it in; done!

She thinks that I'll make someone a great housewife one day (could be). I showed her how to make grits (GirlsRaisedInTheSouth) in our tiny microwave this AM; ditto the thick SPAM slices that go with them (we shall see).

There was a smidge left in the crock pot; gravy was rich w/oil; threw in remnant wheat thins - stirred well - reheated for 10 min.; see if she eats it all, or offers to share; healthy snack without beer (it's Sunday; LikkerLokker closed).

Tonight, I'll get lucky; if sobriety don't work, it's psychiatric treatment she'll be getting; I'm thinkin' ECT!

Took a few
by: Elizabeth , West Virginia

Several years ago, I took a series of falls, luckily always hitting my head first. Have no idea what the cause, but I made the decision to try a cane, twas not prescribed by a doctor.

I am 84 now and have not had a fall since Fred, the name of my cane, entered my life. Some people fight the use of Such a device, but I have not broken a hip and have enjoyed the perks.

Doors open for me and I seldom stand in line. FRED AND I have traveled the world and had some wonderful adventures.

What is it they say...pride comes before the fall, or something like that?

Lucky indeed!
by: Laura in Vermont

Looks like the wagon isn't a place to fall off of!

Congratulations on avoiding serious injury and all; hope your glasses are not too twisted up. I have a friend who fell recently and had to get new ones.

Your story is very important because it shows how age can change one's response to alcohol, especially when you haven't been using it for a while. What you could have downed easily 40 years ago is liable to throw you for a loop today.

Also, many of us are on medications, which themselves have effects. Add alcohol and those effects may get bigger. It can indeed land you in the ER.

I am very glad you are going to be OK and wish you and your fiancee well.

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