Getting Better

by Lila McConnell

I was a physician for 42 years, and at age 65, facing the possibility of signing another lease for three years made me stop and think about whether looking at a computer for eight hours a day with the possibility of 15 weeks of total vacation time over there three years, if I was lucky, did not seem reasonable.

I love my patients, and still do, and miss them terribly and still worry that I let them down. It was a HORRIBLE transition time..

However,I slowly recovered and went back to taking my yoga classes, study botany through the online app Coursera, study Spanish through Duolingo and work steadily with RightCareAlliance - a group which endeavors to improve the healthcare system. I also horsebackride and spend more time doing that. I keep a paper calendar and it fills up every month.

I also developed good prognosis breast cancer and am glad I am not working coping with this. You never know!

Letting go IS HARD!!! I don’t think anyone can prepare you if you were attached to your work.

I am grateful I can be out in the fresh air! I was hardly moving around at work! I was very tired and stressed. AND there are tons of ways to give back while taking care of yourself and enjoying a bit more time just for you!

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Getting used to retirement
by: Nancy

I had a TERrible first year of retirement: depression, regret.

I tried to recreate my past life by finding another full-time job. My problem wasn't having been in a job for a long time, just the opposite. My last job was only 4 1/2 years. I didn't feel as though I had had enough.

Now, truthfully, after 6 years, the dregs of regret are still there; but what keeps me sane is knowing physically I just couldn't do it. Also I had a lightbulb moment which helped me understand why I was having such a hard time.

I've in the past had problems with emptiness and boredom. I thought I had been cured of that when I went in the Peace Corps, but the feelings of emptiness came back in full force.

Not really the boredom, because I never have trouble finding meaningful activities. But emptiness was a biggie. Just understanding that helped.

Thanks for sharing
by: Linda/FL

Thank you for sharing. I am in the process of making a decision about when to retire. It is hard to let go. My husband retired this year and is loving it.. I believe I need to move more and be in nature more and these two factors are motivators for me..

Getting used to retirement
by: Anonymous

Hi I loved my job also and did part time for a while and then at home work for a while.

But you know what is wonderful? It's something you mentioned: going outside: I love being outside every day, walking a mile or so with my dogs, and walking barefoot on the grass. (In yoga we learn that getting grounded....literally... daily is very healthy).

Good luck to you and keep on the exxcellent work and excellent taking care of yourself!.

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