Getting old

by Karin

I am not quite in my '90s yet, I am 73 but it's shocking the day you start feeling old.

My life was going fine and I had my little health complaints but nothing a quick pill couldn't take care of.

My normal routine doctor appointment found out I needed an emergency pacemaker.

I went downhill in my mind from there saying.. darn I am old when did that happen.?

Right after I got used to something controlling my heart, I came up with colon problems.

My mindset is old old and I am trying to get out of that.

Lucky for me I have an understanding family that tries to get me out of my slump but deep down, I'm wondering what else can go wrong.

Enjoy your years while you can. And don't sweat the small stuff...

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Solutions to Growing Old
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

Hello Karin (Michigan)

We are all getting older, but medical science is taking some to the sting out of it.

I would mention metformin, which is a prescription drug commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes. It appears now to becoming - additionally - an anti-aging drug.

Yes - I know it seems unbelievable - but we age because (from our mid 40s) our bodily cells are dying in excess of those being created.

Metformin does something strange - it appears to boost the rate of cell creation.


Bernard Kelly

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