"Getting older is inevitable, but aging is optional"

by Elna Nugent
(Lenox, MA USA)

I have to pass this on. The title statement above is a quote from Christiane Northrup , MD, who claims "Health can be contagious."

My daughter had phoned a month ago me telling me she had been reading some of Dr. Northrup"s books and said, "Mom, I felt like you were talking to me all the way through them. If was as if it was your book, and it was almost eerie."

Well, last week I heard this Dr. Northrup interviewed and believe me, I learned so much from her in one hour that I am still amazed. She said our culture teaches us to feel old by just asking our age. "In reality the number of years we have lived has nothing to do with our real age." Our biological age is in our bodily cells which reveals our true age --and our mindset trumps our genes.

She cited a study done at Harvard with two groups of men. One group was to be given a lecture about aging. The other group of men was asked to bring a photo of themselves when they were at their prime in life. Their photos showed the men active in sports or hiking or a favorite hobby of pastime. This group was asked to get out of their chairs and go outside and talk about that time of their life while walking in fresh air and on grass.The men were asked to go home and put their photos near where they could look at them three times a day, because you "become what you see and believe."

Both groups were tested physically before and after their sessions and the second group showed an amazing change for the better.

Dr. Northrup said there is a part of us that is eternal. "You can step out of the cage of age." and instead of thinking our ourselves as being less- its time to just think about ourselves less often than we do.

My daughter had been reading Northrup's book entitled,
Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being

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Ageing is optional
by: Ade

Thank you for sharing this. Am going to gaze at 'old' (!) pictures of myself to bring back youthfulness.

Still vital at 102
by: Anonymous

MY husband will be 102 next month and is looking forward to be able to look after the volunteer garden at our retirement home again this summer. He has already pulled away a lot of winter rubbish.

He spent the war in a Japanese prison camp and learned to look after others. As a result he has been a great volunteer and has always kept himself fit.

The other day an entertainer met him -- then told one of her fellow musicians that she would give him ten dollars if he could get within ten years of my husband's age.

He missed... for my husband has aged very slowly.

Radiance and Vitality at any age
by: Nina from London

This article encourages people to find radiance and vitality at any age.

What makes a person energetic full of life? It can be how you see yourself! Dr Northrup has some good suggestions and views. Well being is one of the ingredients.

Thanks for sharing this.

Best Wishes, Nina

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