Getting started on my dreams

by Bryan
(Wichita, Kansas)

I retired from teaching last school year after 35 years. Teaching just is not what it used to be! I miss the children, and some of the staff, but I am glad I left it all!

I just cannot seem to get started on my goals. I want to sell this house and move to Mexico. I have the town picked out and I am trying to learn Spanish. I have had this goal for several years for many reasons.

God put it in my heart a long time ago to go to Mexico and do something for Him. I am not sure what. He keeps reconfirming this.

Anyway, cleaning up this house that my family, and I have lived in for 25 years, then fixing the things that need it, then selling it, just seems too overwhelming!

There was a divorce 11 years ago (which I did not want) and my ex-wife turned my daughter against me. So, I do not get to see my grown daughter or my grandchild.

I miss being around all the people I used to be near every day teaching. I do not want to take on any long term responsibilities, since I do plan on moving as soon as I can.

Any suggestions on getting this massive amount of work STARTED?

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A Way Out
by: Alice/Washington, DC

I am a retiree of 5 years, after 34 years of teaching. I found that doing Facebook with former students and colleagues more than takes the place of still working with them.

I also finally got to get the home I live in the way I want it after getting 28 years after the death of my mom. I have no living relatives. I would like to move to a neighboring community, but the cost is too much without a lottery win.

Try finding a vidoe game you love (I had several suggested to me by former students and I am now addicted. There is life after retiring as a teacher.

Find what you love and do it here. I write resumes and help with proposals. I also served as an elected official, and have desire to attend community meetings, but maybe that is for you.

The key is to find your passion(s). You can do it!

Education today
by: Len/Pacific

Being from a smaller island nation, we rarely move/relocate. If we do then were with relatives until we can be helped to find a place of our own. However, I read what Nancy's comment and agree. Good advice.

As for "education". I have been in it for almost the same number of years as you. I started as a teacher, then a specialist and have been a program coordinator for the last 8 yrs.

You are right. Education is not as it was before. That for me is neither good or bad. I was up for retirement this month but was asked to give it another two years. Since I am by myself too I decided to give it a go again. I need to keep busy .

It is good that your thinking of moving to Mexico. That would be something good and since you feel it is God's calling. It is great that you will pursue it.

God Bless and I wish you the best! Take care.

I hear you!
by: Anonymous

I guess I could have written your post, in terms of the "motivational" issues--this type of feeling seems to prevail in many of the blogs and posts on this site. But if you truly feel God is calling you to Mexico, you must go! When God calls, pick up the phone and report for duty! Getting a call is a blessing, an honor, and a trust. But I think you understand that part.

When I am overcome by inertia, I drink dark coffee and plan. I write down the plan. I give dates for the items in the plan to be accomplished. The plan includes the overall goal, and the steps to reach the goal--and I make them very little steps. And I reward myself for the little steps when I accomplish them. Basically the old carrot and stick.

I hope your "curiosity" about what is waiting for you in Mexico helps you to overcome "retirement blahs"we are all subject to and pack your sombrero "muy rapido!" (Please excuse my fractured Spanish).

Physical exercise helps me to stay focused--as my body stays strong, so does my spirit.

It all comes down to personal choice and believe me, I have to remind myself of this 200,000 times per day! Best of luck to you

by: Joe W.


I suggest that you can take a walk in the wilderness and just focus on Mexico and what you could do there. I took my own walk in the wilderness (local river valley) to think & find my OWN purpose.

After trying out some small business ideas I was miraculously lead to create and develop my own Seniorpreneur Project.

Joe W.

Wendy: Hey Joe, Do you know that's now called "forest bathing?" Love that!

A few ideas
by: Wendy

Hire a Home Organizer type person or a Life Coach. They will help to get you working on daily goals, and as you progress, you'll feel more likely to keep up the momentum and get er done!

If you insist on going this alone, try this:

-- Pick a deadline (one year, 6 months, whatever)

-- Consider what the BIG jobs are that need to be done (packing, selling, moving truck, finding a place to live...)

-- Choose deadlines for the BIG jobs, then start a breakdown of each job. Detail all the smaller tasks, in long lists, to get it all down and OUT of your head

-- Calendar it all. Be realistic but get all those smaller tasks on the list, and logically in order too.

You don't have to meet every single calendar task. You are retired, right? However, this will give you a plan. You need a plan. Something to attempt to accomplish every day... do the work.

The longer your ideas float about in your mind, the more confusing it all gets. Get it written down!

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