Getting the motivation to get my SBI website moving along

by Fred Hetner
(West New York, NJ)

I purchased the SBI package a few weeks ago and received the action guide and plenty of information.

The issue I have is when and how can I get some coaching and ask questions and determine if the site concept is good enough and how do I get my domain and whether or not I am course. I feel that I am need of some real person to person communication.

I also need information on writing e-newsletters, e-books and perhaps working as a infopreneur as an option to working my site.

Thanks Wendy.

Wendy: Hi Fred! I LOVE my SBI sites. Most people use WordPress because its cheaper, but I still really believe that SBI's has so many values for me.

Use the "Contact me" to write to me personally and we can discuss your niche via email. OK? PUT SBI in the subject line -- I get SO MANY EMAILS and need it to stand out.

Understand... you can pick a not-so-great niche and yet have the personality and slant that people just gravitate to... thus a successful site.

On the other hand, you can pick a perfect niche, with perfect keywords -- but you just have no passion for it, don't write in a way to connect with people (or the perfect audience), and your perfect niche doesn't work out.

I LOVE the challenge. I LOVE the many tasks that keep my boredom at bay. I just LOVE the whole creative process.

P.S. Read my adventure at the NAMS conference (under What's New, top left). Join the NAMS Weekly Sessions. You will learn so much, little by little, for free. David interviews different entrepreneurs and they give tips galore, so its fun to hear different perspectives and learn little bits as you go.

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Getting your website going
by: Kathy


HubSpot has a thorough catalogue of articles and how-tos that you will find very helpful. I too am in the beginning / planning phase of starting a retirement related blog. I'll be watching your progress. Now get going!

Wendy: Kathy, With SBI users, they have step by step videos and guides to take you through the process. Their software is different compared to Wordpress that many use, so often the articles simply confuse... instead of help. Later, that will be a great resource for Fred.

SO MANY resources out there! Fun Fun!

Good Luck with your own site, Kathy!!!

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