Getting Used to Retirement Now...

by Nancy Malkon
(Henderson,Nv USA)

Hi I have loved reading all of your stories. Here's mine. I'm Nancy in Nevada, getting used to retirement now.

I left my job 6 months ago and was quite busy at the onset. By October I realized there were a lot of hours in the day to fill. Slowly I started to fill up those days.

I signed up for a Still life art class (have never, ever taken art). I began to. play disc golf again after 3 year hiatus. I see a movie a week, reading 2 books now, plus outings with friends. I also attend 12 step meetings.

I noticed I get down on some days for no reason however, I know its ok and am working on that too. I may volunteer somewhere in the future, just not ready for it now.

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12 step meetings
by: Nancy

Yay for you for going to 12 step meetings. When I was working I went to really good Al-Anon meetings near where I worked.

When I retired, I went to another meeting closer to home. Went there 9 months, volunteered for service, got a sponsor. I became disillusioned with the meeting after 9 months as well as my sponsor. Stopped going to meetings.

Now I am reading 5 chapters of the Bible a day in my Life Recovery Bible which has footnotes explaining the readings from a 12 step perspective. Very helpful.

by: MItz

It takes awhile to wrap our heads around our new position in life. Some days I would love to go back into the working world. My health prevents it. I think that when we are young we see endless possibilities of career. Now we have to adapt to the fact that we have to find other ways to feel purpose.

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