Gift of Time

by Wee-zer

Why can't you find joy in anything? Have you asked yourself that question?

Do you have friends you can meet now and then for a meal or at a coffee shop and maybe a movie?

Can you invite someone you know to your home for a home cooked dinner?

Have you tried to read some exhilarating books on exploration? Personal challenge?

Have you tried to get a part time job to fill up some of your long hours you don't like?

What did you like about the job you left? Was it just the fact you had somewhere to go every day or did you do something that you enjoyed?

If it was just a place to go to whittle away the hours consider getting a job to fill that void. If it was something you were good at and liked, try to find a job doing that.

Go to a temp agency. They will evaluate your skills and find a job that fits your talents. Some temp jobs turn into permanent if the employer likes your abilities.

You need to lift up your spirits by doing something fun. Have you considered a vacation. One time in the summer it was so hot, my husband and I went to a hotel overnight to use the pool and eat dinner out. It was fun and relaxing. It wasn't too expensive and it was only about 20 miles away.

Check out your Senior Center. They may offer day trips or extended trips by bus. You can join others and enjoy their company. You could invite a friend or relative to join you. Go new places, eat good food, see new things.

I know a guy who retired around age 65 and wanted to keep busy so he drove a school bus. He was such a nice guy and did it for years and years. Not my cup of tea but he loved it, the kids and he got out every day then had summers off.

You have to figure out a game plan. Nobody is going to knock on your door and tell you what to do.

Things to do:

1. museums

2. movies

3, Netflix

4. Michael's has programs to learn crafts

5. Look up Meet Ups in your area for a club to join

6. Go to your library and join a book club discussion group

7. Take some cooking classes

8. Take a short course

9. Take an adult ed. course thru your school system

10. Go to a local park and walk for exercise

11. Watch YouTube video's for project ideas

12. Have a get together picnic for former work mates

13. Take a yoga class

14. Buy word search books and challenge your brain(you can get these at the dollar store)

15. Find a great recipe and learn to make gourmet food

16. Do you have favorite family recipes? Make a project and write a cookbook. You could have it printed at Staples and give it to friends and relatives

17. Go to a nearby town and browse the stores and eat lunch out

18. Check the paper for lectures on interesting subjects or demonstrations

19. Buy some pretty plants for your yard

20. Go to some local festivals and just walk around

21. Be around young people. you can learn from them and they can learn from you

22. Get out of your comfort zone. Learn something new

23. Don't be crabby. No one wants to go see cranky old Matilda or cranky old Marty

24. Refrain from negativity when speaking with others. Try to bring joy rather than dark clouds

25. Jump out of a plane, climb a mountain, explore a cave. There is so much to do, so do something!

If nothing else, if you were to get sick and couldn't smell the fresh air, couldn't hear the birds sing, enjoy the freedom of getting in a car and go as you please, I think you would regret not doing fun and interesting things while you can.

I am sure no one in a nursing home is glad to be there. If they had one last chance to do something exciting, I think you'd see everyone of them running out the door.

I hope you find your way.

You have been given a gift of time. Use it!

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Do something
by: Cindi H OH

Well, said!

by: Anonymous

Brilliant suggestions

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