Gig Harbor WA?

by David

Looking to retire to Gig Harbor, WA. Have visited numerous times throughout the years and love the area as well as the weather.

Have hit just about every month so we have a pretty good idea on the weather pattern.

Have lived in the SF Bay Area forever but the area has gotten too expensive for us to want to stay. For other reasons, it is time to leave CA (taxes, housing, etc).

My wife and I are in our early/mid sixties and would leave behind two sons and three grandsons.

Looking for anyone to share experiences leaving and/or living in Gig Harbor, WA - thanks!

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Family is most important!!
by: Reno, NV

I would think twice before leaving the sons & grandsons behind no matter where you're going.

We tried moving to AZ leaving our grown son behind in Reno, NV. I had a terrible time with anxiety & depression just feeling lost being away from him. We returned to Reno after 2 years.

It is terribly expensive here but being away from family was unbearable for me. Also, we are now expecting our first grand child as well.

Gig Harbor
by: Bill Emerson, Tecumseh, OK

Live there for seven years. People there aren't as friendly as California or Texas. The weather is Misty, Rainy, and cool to cold most months. June - August are really nice though. It's about an hour to the mountains and an hour and a half to the coast.

Lot's to do there. Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon I-5 is a nightmare to drive. The traffic is usually heavy on that interstate. Going to Seattle from Gig Harbor, it's usually best to go to the airport and catch the subway into Seattle. Parking is expensive and hard to find in Seattle.

The first 4 years were great, then I tired of the weather.

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