Given Up

by Deb in RI

I too have just given up. Life is no fun anymore. Everything seems to have roadblocks.

I retired a year ago and do not leave the house with the exception of a monthly Drs appt for me or the dog.

I live in pjs and only watch tv or read and eat Ice cream, gained a lot of weight and My house is a mess.

Moved here 4 yrs ago and still have not settled in. Hate it.

Got in a bad car accident 3 1/2 yrs ago and haven't bought a car or driven one since.

Just too tired to do it and why bother with the aggravation to buy a car and costly insurance.

Besides a friend that comes here weekly, I am just a recluse hermit...

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Forgot to say this
by: Anonymous

I should have added that if things get worse, and you start thinking of harming yourself, here is a phone number you can call any time for some help right then.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

I tried to add this comment earlier, but couldn't see well, having hopped out of the indoor public pool to do it.

Deb, folks are thinking about you, and are concerned.

By the way, the pool is my refuge and I can't recommend it more highly, if water can be a thing for you. (Found a few friends there, too.) My doctor told me I HAD to go exercise - yelled at me and scared me into It! Ha! Thank you, Doc!)

I hope you feel better. Retirement IS a big deal.

by: June, GA

Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is the real thing. Claim yours again. What a gift, this life of ours.

I ask myself every day, Why was I chosen, out of all humanity, to be born in this wonderful country with all it's freedoms and opportunities.

I could have been born into a third world country with little money, no medical care and living hand to mouth.

I bet there are millions around the world who would trade places with you in a minute; many with incurable disease who would be so thankful to be in your place.

Find a church, talk to clergy, see a doctor but be careful of meds.

Give something back to society by volunteering, foster animals, rock babies at your local hospital or get back in your car and deliver meals on wheels.

Think of all the life you will get back.

Retirement depression
by: Anonymous

There have been many posts about post retirement depression. The first years of retirement are a major change and the transition can be challenging as well as disorienting.

I myself turned to this site when I found myself irritable and bored instead of carefree and happy as I thought I should be. Though I didn’t feel sad, I realized I was depressed.

Depression is treatable. It doesn’t have to define your life. It’s hard work to make the effort, but please try. Ask your doctor. Go out with your friend for lunch or a movie. Get an Uber and attend a community event.

Cleaning the whole house is overwhelming, and depressing, but aim for one shelf or one corner or one drawer a day. Your house and your mind will feel better.

Love yourself and know that you are worth it.

It can get better
by: /East Coast

I'm not a professional, but it sounds like depression/PTSD to me. It has the hallmarks - fatigue, lack of enjoyment in former interests (anhedonia), overeating, craving sweets, oversleeping, isolation...

Here is my advice: (It has worked for many people)

Even though it feels overwhelming, call your doctor, report what you said in your post, consider asking for medication and ask for the name of a good counselor. Then follow through and make use of these resources.

Be kind to yourself and to your dog. The dog will get you some much-needed activity, fresh air, and maybe interpersonal contact.

You can do this!

Let us know how you make out, others are thinking of you!

Get Up
by: Sherry/ NC

Life is the most important thing of all!!! Get up and fight for it.
Get moving and do something for yourself!!

Good luck and I wish you happiness!!

gave up
by: Anonymous

Dont be selfish. At least begin walking your dog every day. Dogs are wonderful friends and also love to be taken on walks.

cheer up
by: Anonymous

maybe volunteer. join a choir, the world is yours for the picking...move on to better this book....How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

Get on the internet and meet people on facebook,meetup.

Given Up
by: Elna Nugent, Massachusetts.

Dear Given up_

This may sound odd-- but if you have photos of yourself from the past. consider having your best ones hung on the wall or put on tables and places where you can see them every day. This is a chance to get to know yourself... all over again.

Also if you want to be who you really are, find a delicious but very healthy menu to follow daily. Hopefuly it will contain delicious fruits , favorite veggies, and creative soups. If you are able to walk, consider walking around the house every time there is a commercial on TV.......

...........You were born with a purpose which includes doing something fun or helpful for someone everyday..Facebook can help you get in touch with people who you know and who have a sense of humor.


I will turn 89 this year, and I love every minute of it. Many blessings.

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