Giving a little something...

by Deb
(Detroit, MI)

Love Christmas because I have always loved to give gifts to loved-ones and see them smile, and appreciate the little something I had given them.

I remember when I was in elementary school and walking up to the Kresge Dime Store. Surely, I couldn't have had much money but somehow I was able to carefully select little things that I thought my grandma aka baba & my aunts, & uncles would like.

I even remember making a personalized ashtray for my favorite uncle by gluing a school picture of me onto green felt, that was then glued onto the bottom of the little clear glass ashtray. I wonder if my uncle still remembers that little gift. I guess I will have to call him & ask him since he is still around to ask : )

Merry Christmas to all, young & old : )

You're never too old for Christmas and experiencing it's wonderful joy when you give a little something to your loved-ones & maybe to those that you don't even know who may very well be greatly surprised & grateful as well.

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OK, DO I know you?
by: Wendy,

So familiar....

-- I live north of Detroit.

-- LOVED Kresges!

-- We also called our Polish grandmother, Baba... but you are the first I've heard who did the same!

-- I remember the Kiddie ashtrays too! Or little dishes we'd make out of clay and paint for Christmas gifts.

My sisters kids all made clay wall hangings -- each kid as they passed through first grade would make one. Its a simple square of clay, with the child's handprint, but painted so the handprint is a Christmas Tree. Sisters kids are in their 30s with their own babies now... but those trees still hang every year at her home!

Thanks for sharing!

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