Glasses on your head

by John A / Tyler TX

As a followup to those saying I am "SO BAD". Here is a quick story about what happened to me over the Christmas Holiday. It goes along with the "glasses on your head" posting.

I drove down to Houston, TX to visit my brother over the holiday. And when I park my Dodge Ram pickup truck in the driveway, we usually have to play 52 car shuffle getting the different vehicles in and out of the driveway. The HOA does not allow parking on the street, so we must use the driveway for all the cars.

I had parked by the garage door and blocked my sister in-law from getting her car out of the garage. So, I promptly got the key fob went out and moved the truck so she could get out. After she left on her errand, I promptly drove back to the same spot where I was originally parked.

Then later that day, I had to move my truck again. But where was the key fob? I looked under the truck, in the yard, in the bath room, under the sofa cushions, on the kitchen counter and my pockets. The key fob was no where to be found and the truck could not be moved.

For the next 12 hours, I had everyone looking for the key fob. None of us could find it. So, the next morning I was prepared to head for the Dodge dealership to buy one of those $200-$300 key fobs as a replacement.

As I was sitting in a chair waiting for my brother to drive me to the dealership, I pulled my wallet out of my back pants pocket. I noticed I was sitting on a lump of some sort.

Lo and behold, there was the key fob in my back pants pocket the whole time. I have not heard the end of it since. And admittedly,this isn't only time this has happened. A few years ago I was looking for some car keys and had everyone in the family looking for them. The whole time we were looking for them, I was holding them in my hand. Duh!

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Glasses on my face
by: Anonymous

A couple years ago, I was tutoring a 5th grader and as we were getting started, I thought I had forgotten my reading glasses.

Started looking in my purse and then made a comment to my student that I couldn't find my reading glasses. She said there on your face!

Just had to laugh at the situation and move on with the tutoring my student.

Recent post
by: Irwin Lengel

Always a pleasure to read your posts. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you
by: Vicki M, (CT)

John A.,
I always look forward to reading your delightful posts. Please keep them coming!

Credit card
by: Weez R

A few months ago Hub went to the liquor store to buy some wine. He had carried his credit card in his top pocket and after he got settled back in his truck he couldn't find the card. He went back in the store, looked on the ground, on the floor of the store and it was nowhere. He looked on the floor of his truck and wasn't there.

He gets home and is in a tizzy so I called the credit card company and cancelled the card. They sent a brand new one the next day. So before the next day happened Hub went out to the truck and found the card had slid between the seat. He placed it on the passenger seat with the receipt and someone it fell into the crack. DUH! LOL!

by: Sherry/ NC

Well, guess what? One day I was looking all over for my sunglasses and there they were on top of my head the whole time!!

Where is it?
by: Anonymous

Ah yes, car keys. (I have macular degeneration and cannot see well enough to drive anymore, boo hoo. No lost keys however.)

I arrived home one day, parked my beloved crv (great vehicle) and went in the house. Next day could not find the keys. Looked everywhere. Others in the house looked.

WAS driven to the car dealership and paid $140 (a little less ) for a new one.

About 3 days later I realized my purse had a bump in the bottom. There was a hole in the lining and the keys had fallen through and there they were.

At least you found yours before you spent the money!

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