Going on a trip and I am Scared

by Carol
(West Chester PA)

My grown children have set up a mini vacation for me with my grown son and his family.

My son lives 2 hours from me. Since their van will be filled to the max they have paid for and booked me round trip airplane flights.

We are staying in a lovely oceanside condo in Myrtle Beach SC. A daughter has booked and paid for a mobility scooter for me. The airline knows I need handicapped assistance.

We have researched from the airport to the condo as I will arrive approx 12 hours before those driving. A nice restaurant to have lunch and then check in at the condo. I think we have covered everything.

I appreciate this vacation yet I am filled with what if, what if this or that or whatever. My daughter is also driving me to and from the Phila airport and we hope to get an escort pass for her.

Have my 2 shots and plenty of masks. Arriving earlier than my son because the next day flights cost more and they are paying. Well, my d-i-l made the reservations. If there are no shuttle/taxis at the airport I am to call my daughter and she will have an uber pick me up.

My cell phone is an old flip phone. I have a dozen or so phone numbers to input into my old flip phone so I will have everything if needed. Plus we will print out my tickets and do the check in for flight the day before, etc.

So why am I scared? The last time I flew (to England) I was 30 years younger, able to walk, etc. And getting on a flight was simple. Now I feel???? I have always been in control and the person doing the planning.

Do other seniors feel insecure about trips as a handicapped person? I am so uptight about this wonderful upcoming vacation.

It will be over Thanksgiving. And I am concerned that my anxiety will mar my happiness of being with my son and his wife, my grandkids, aged 17 and 18. and an international student that is staying for one year with them.

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It will be fine
by: patrick/Ireland

Your family have basically thought of everything. How wonderful is that.

I have travelled several times recently and used airport/flight assistance and it has been fine. Lack of mobility does make things more difficult but staff are great. Make sure you arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to avoid feeling anxious.

Sit back and enjoy time with your family. It will be fine. Even if there are a few mishaps , just take it in your stride. You managed before and you have not lost that capability.

I Sympathize about Trip
by: Canadian Retiree

Getting out of one’s comfort zone can be scary. I just went across our City (Vancouver BC) by transit to watch Skate Canada competition and I had anxiety because it was a part of Vancouver I’d never been before. I was sure I would get lost.

Anyway I made it both days there and back. Sounds like you have everything under control and your family to help. Good luck.

by: Gloria philippines

My friend, don't get scared. Feel excited with this new experience. Take it one step at a time and savor the small wins as you progress to your goal.

It's great to be blessed with living children who take pains just to see and be with you. Once you're there, try to relish each moment of togetherness.

by: JS/Texas

I do not want to give you advice about this situation. However, I would not make this trip to Myrtle Beach during Thanksgiving. The airports are overcrowded and covid is still lurking.

However, I am now reluctant to take long trips anywhere, any time. Some people think they are great and assume everyone feels the same way.

You should be able to determine what you want to do. You should not be pressured into doing things you don't want to do.

Myrtle Beach during Thanksgiving???? Not for me.

Airlines are very helpful
by: Nui

My 84 year old, handicapped aunt had to travel on her own and she said the airlines went out of their way to be as helpful as possible.

It was such a good experience that she has since travelled all by herself 3 more times. She said just be pleasant and relax and they’ll look after you.

Have fun!

Travel anxiety
by: Nancy

Carol, I can relate to your travel anxieties.

In my retirement, I am used to a routine, and I get nervous if there is anything out of the ordinary.

When we go on vacation, it is usually on a bus trip where everything is planned for us. I still get nervous, though.

And if we go on trips by ourselves, it has been like a one or two day trip nearby. I just let myself feel nervous rather than try to talk myself out of it which makes me more nervous.

And I generally go ahead and enjoy the trips and look back on them with fond memories.

Travelling as we age
by: Diane canada

I just got back from a Viking cruise. Although I do not have mobility issues it is very different if you are aging. You are slower and not as strong but one thing I noticed people like to help.

Anytime I seen someone struggling someone (a stranger) always offered to help. So go on your vacation and if a "what if" happens someone will help. Enjoy yourself.

Handicapped but Capable
by: Living single

I’ve traveled with a handicapped person before and EVERYTHING was planned with Delta before the flight…escort to the gate, wheelchair assistance at the beginning and end of each leg of the trip.

Enjoy yourself as if you are a fully capable traveler because you are!

Vacation Worries
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach


It certainly sounds like you have everything thought out. Now you gotta "Let Go and Let God"!

My advice, make sure the airports on both sides know you need help with a wheelchair. Then they are ready to go and watching for you, well kinda...

My parents used airport help from the door to the waiting area, they got into wheelchairs, were pushed through security much easier than walking people went (and we went with them), and generally -- it was so easy!

Once you are there, Tell anyone working there, they will get you the appropriate help -- same thing when you arrive, ask for help. Airport personnel will push you to where you need to be (at least they did PRE-COVID, might be short-staffed like everywhere else nowadays so be early and be patient).

Stop Worrying (easy to say, not so easy to do) -- you are getting a great vacation from the kids!

Enjoy Yourself!

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