Going to take the plunge

by Stacy

I'm a retired junior high teacher, but husband and I decided to purchase a home in AZ as the COL is so much less and he can finally retire. We play golf and love the sun.

Daughter has 5 kids, and lives fairly close. She announced last year they were moving to another state. I was sad, but understood her reasons. With that, we went forward with our plans as they were moving 5 hours away from us. We are closing on our house in a month.

She is furious with us and coaching her grandkids to grill us about leaving them and all the downsides to our move. Suddenly, their move is now on hold. Husband is not willing to relocate. Will not come over and visit, cold shoulder, etc. We are readying our house to sell.

I have been a mess about feeling guilty, but actually, she is making it easier with her behaviors. I love the grandkids but I'm also looking foward to this next chapter of our lives.

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Move on with your own life
by: Clay in north Florida

I was married 44 years, my wife died after decades long illness.

I remarried within a year to a woman I've known almost all my life. We moved to FL halfway between my kids & hers after I retired. But my adult daughter had a freaking fit. My son was happy for me.

We video chat and see each other several times a year.

Your kids do not get to decide what you do with your life. Do what you need to do. Moving away does not mean you don't love them.

the plunge
by: Cindi H, Ohio

Go ahead with your plans. Your family will adjust.

Life is too short just to be the grandparents who are always there. You have a right to be well rounded people.

Before you know it, family will be looking forward to visiting you for a break.

My Thoughts
by: Ruth in Oregon

Yes, live your life together and enjoy the years you can together, I know its hard but leave the guilt at the doorstep and go have fun retire in love and live it.

Life is too short and when it comes time that travel is no longer possible by age or health you will have memories of a couple who went in love and lived.

Enjoy! Ruth

Going to take the plunge
by: Tammie/Florida

Yes continue your plans - my brother and wife decided they had to live near daughters and built home in same neighborhood. Within a few years daughter ended up moving out of state due to job, and my brother and wife were left to figure out how they would visit.

You cannot follow your adult children. My husband and I find ways to connect long-distance through the portal with our own adult children and grandkids who live outside of Florida.

Low cost of living is very important and our kids understand why we remain in Florida.

Best wishes.

by: Sherry/NC

You and husband are doing the right thing for yourselves. This is your life! Right? You have to do what is right for you.

No guilt here.

Hi Stacy - don't defer your house move
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

Hello Stacy

if you defer your plans to relocate, you will always regret it.

However you perhaps could reposition it in daughter's mind - focus it on being a new holiday destination for the grandkids



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