Gone is gone: wasted time

by Carol
(West Chester PA)

2020 started out with my exercising via computer and doing tutorials. As the year wore on I stopped taking care of myself. From occasionally using a cane I now use a rollator. Steps are not my friend. One year later I realize I have wasted time by not exercising and/or doing tutorials.

What type of tutorials you might ask.

I am researching my family ancestors. FamilySearch has free tutorials on how to use their website. Their website is free. Two years ago I connected with a relative I never heard of by looking at the message site. Now we write back and forth. I am on the East coast USA and she and her family are on the West coast. I have also connected with a possible relative on my father's side of the family. While both of these folks are very good researchers and always ready to help me, I believe, I should learn as much as possible by the tutorials.

Why, did I let this past year slip away?

I watch tv and sleep too long. It is time to regain my life and start exercises again, every day, and spend at least one hour learning something new from the tutorials.

Time to restart computer exercising for seniors, time to restart my embroidery work. Then maybe I will not feel so lousy and useless.

What have you been doing to move yourself forward this past long year?

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A good reminder
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the reminder that time is precious and we will feel better when we put it to good use. yes, be kind with and positive to yourself, and remember, things are harder now in some ways. not so easy to do all we may have used to. happy mother's day!

No time is wasted
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

We tend to beat ourselves up when we don't do what "think we should do." Perhaps you needed that time to rest or just needed to take some time out.

Be kind to yourself. You can start your life anew every day, any day. You are only a thought away from changing everything.

We have all been through a collective trauma but times like these teach us that we are resilient, that we can grow and move beyond difficulties, and we can bloom again.

As long as we are alive, it's never too late.

Good For You!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I think most people lost a big part of 2020. It was a bad year for most... even those working as they struggled to stay safe or work from home with kids nearby!

If you want to be held accountable for moving forward again, write to me!

Tell me what you intend to do daily, and I will email back to you. Our emails will remind you to keep on keeping on!

Best Wishes!

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