Good Advice

by Craig A. Counters Sr
(Minneapolis, MN)

Several letter writers have suggested doing what you enjoy. I agree.

I enjoy doing nothing and am doing it just as often as possible.

The very thought of a physically challenging project can exhaust me in advance. Lazy? No question. Everybody has to be something.

During my career, I subordinated my laziness rather well and enjoyed some success, but now, at my advanced age with zero family responsibilities, my laziness rules and, as far as I'm concerned, that's OK.

I have no more performance reviews to worry about.

Where's my pride?
Over in the comfy chair with the rest of me.

Sorry, work ethic fans. Perhaps I can write a book and title it "The Joy of Sloth."

A tip of my hat to all of the clandestine lazy folks out there.

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by: JS/Texas

I find it hard to believe that you do nothing. You are possibly self-motivated and don't need outside stimulation to do what you enjoy doing.

What you do might not seem productive to others, but you don't feel the need to adopt other people's definitions of productivity.

Am I right?

Low Energy
by: Laura in Vermont

I never thought of myself as a hard worker, but others thought I was. Fooled them.

I am a very low-energy person. I do what I have to do after much foot-dragging and playing Solitaire. I even drag my feet before doing stuff I like.

So who's hurt by this? Nobody.

Sometimes just vegging in a chair is therapeutic. Mostly I work at deciding whether a necessary job is necessary enough to warrant immediate action. Outside of work, where people could have been hurt, the answer has generally been "no."

So if you are closet-lazy, maybe low-energy is a better fit.

Lazy is such a judgemental term!

Joy of Sloth
by: Joe W.

You might be in the Guinness Book of Records if you continue your `Sloth`for years to come. Today during the COVID-19 pandemic it is a testing ground for most seniors.

If you continue your present lifestyle I recommend that you startup a journal to document your`sloth journey. A book by that name might be a practical option for you.

As you might already know there is a trend towards slowing down i.e. the slow movement. Maybe your going to be a pioneer in this particular retirement lifestyle and be able to blend right in to the trending slow movement.

Joe W.

Lazy Sloth
by: Anonymous

amen to being a lazy sloth

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