Good Sleeper? Take Naps? Hard Time Sleeping? All of the Above, Lol!

by Richard

I think I get enough sleep, overall, for a 75yo working man.

After a long day's work, I fall asleep next to my wife, while she's watching TV. Then I get up about midnight and ask her to turn off the TV and go to her bedroom. She has TV in her room.

Now I'm wide awake!

Sometimes I fall back to sleep, sometimes I don't.

So I check the Internet or play with my 2 dogs. The stock market opens at 330am HST; I check my stock portfolios.

I might be awake until 6am, time to make coffee, shower, make breakfast and get ready to work.
If I feel drowsy at my desk, I take a Stay Awake caffeine pill. It works like a charm. I'm up.

Sometimes I take power naps during my lunch breaks at work, and at home on my days off.

I drive an average of 100 miles daily at work. On long commutes, I take my caffeine pills if I feel drowsy. I've been doing this for years.

Before finding Stay Awake pills, I'd fall asleep standing up, or at work or while driving. That's no longer a problem. I can drive for hundreds of miles, from California to Arizona on vacation trips!

Surprisingly, taking caffeine pills in the daytime doesn't seem to keep me up at night.

When I work on my classic car on my days off, I get extremely tired. It's nap time after lunch, then it's back to work on the car.

I sleep like a dead man after working on my old car. My body aches, from head to toe In a few days, I'm back to normal.

On my days off, I like to sleep longer, getting up at 8am.

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