Google Fun!

by Wendy

Try this. It's cool...

1) Go to Google, type in 'Google Gravity'

Click here to visit Google

2) Click on the first result that appears - Google Gravity

3) Wait 2 seconds. Something cool will happen

4) Play with it for a while

5) Then type any search word in the Google search bar and press Enter

6) Wait and see. Something even cooler will happen

Just Havin' Fun!

Comments for Google Fun!

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Extremely cool!
by: Pattie

When you enter an address you will see a picture of that place. There's a little map with a little man on it - you can move the little man up and down the block if you need to. I just looked at my childhood home! Really nice website!

Wendy Pattie, I did vpike before. Found my mothers old neighborhood with her! It's been a few years.. I forgot about it! thanks!!

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