Gordon Kinghorn's Bio

by Gordon Kinghorn
(Reading, UK)

I am a former member of British Armed Forces and served thirty-four years as an Electrical Engineer - over the last fifteen years however, I worked as a military analyst in two of the MOD’s largest Headquarters within the UK.

I commenced life in Edinburgh in mid-1950, following some eighteen months in the 1960s workplace, (post-school years) – I opted to leave the land of my birth in a quest to discover Shangri-la – courtesy of the Australian government and the then ubiquitous £10.00 emigration scheme – a life-saving measure for many lads such as myself – the same who had nothing more to offer than boyish good looks and cherubic smiles – and precious little in the 3-R’s department – sadly, during that austere era, I fell appropriately into the ranks of such common-place mediocrity.

My reasons for taking flight at such an early age were largely two-fold - firstly, I had become weary of looking at my hard-working father and seeing myself at fifty-two years of age - secondly, I was constantly haunted by the words of a former maths teacher, one Mr Frew, or ‘SS-Gruppenführer’ Frew as I mischievously referred to him. Frew’s written appreciation of my educational worth on a final school report was dreadful at best, most accurate but dreadful nonetheless.

He commented, with much vigour and glee no doubt, that yours truly possessed little more than a football for a brain, adding further that the substance that inflated the afore-mentioned sporting accessory, was in fact the same invisible mass that occupied the void between my left and right ear!

I determined therefore, if I was doomed to catastrophe in adult life then my failures would be well out of his line-of-sight – he lived only three doors up from our family home – not a pleasant arrangement by any stretch of the imagination

Subsequently, I left town and headed for antipodean shores, settling initially in Sydney and then moving on to both Melbourne and Adelaide. I applied for Australian citizenship in 1968 and this development had near life-changing consequences - in that I was placed in the Draft for Vietnam – I can happily report that I avoided seeing the sunny “sights” of either Hanoi and Saigon by a mere one day - my birthday falls on the 15th of June – the Australian government pleasingly called-up those whose birthdays fell on the 13th, 14th and 16th of June! I took a number of jobs during my first couple first couple of years down-under, but eventually settled and advanced within the advertising industry, wrongfully ascertaining at one point that my destiny lay in the media and all it entailed – superb days indeed - fate on the other hand - had another card to play.

I remained on my travels until I reached 25 years of age, visiting numerous countries including, South Africa, Angola, Rhodesia, (as was) Zambia, Mozambique, Timor Islands, New Guinea and New Zealand.

I returned to the UK in November of 1975, (God alone knows why) and failed miserably in adjusting to the meteorological and financial conditions that prevailed during the period. – (One may rightfully assert that little, if anything has truly changed over the last three and half decades).

Following my enlistment into the British Armed Forces during January 1976, I served in a number of locations worldwide – Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles, being quite easily the most difficult and demanding of all operational arenas I was engaged in.

I married in 1979 and have two grown children, (son & daughter) following School, College and University educational demands, they both embarked on careers within the professional infrastructure, the eldest now in senior management within the leisure industry - our youngest being on the threshold of a career as a commercial pilot. My wife remains as a Senior Nurse and has worked in the specialist areas of paediatric and geriatric care.

I played much sport whilst in the army and to this day, I continue to maintain my fitness levels with 5-time weekly visits to the gymnasium. The old saying that refers to taking a boy out of the army but never taking the army out of the boy, sums up largely my general approach to life modern-day really – I would dearly love to see some of the values and standards that were once so prevalent, being restored into many sections of our failing community present time – losing battle methinks!

My sporting interests are golf, (12-handicap) plus Football, Rugby and Darts – the latter enthusing me as much as anything I may watch on a football/rugby field or Olympic stadium.

I possess a qualification in Journalism, (amongst a number of other educational milestones) and continue to write frequently on both sporting and political developments. My reading is largely autobiographical and biographical; anything relating to sport, politics or the great literary masters has special appeal. My musical taste is eclectic – nevertheless, there remains little, if anything that falls-out of the X-Factor genre that interests me.

The same must be said for tabloid television as a whole, I’m what many may consider as sterile in my personal programming selection – I do like drama, (Commercial-free productions where possible) and anything pertaining to the historical. Each morning sees me making for the radio – passionately genuflecting the moment I hear the dulcet tones of ‘God’ – one John Humphrey’s – I’m a ‘Today’ programme “junkie” and very proud of the fact too – British broadcasting is alive and well on this side of the dial – it is in addition, one of the last electronic destinations in Britain, where one may tune into a service where copious renditions of the Queens English can still be heard – such joy!

I adore food, (especially Thai) and indeed fine wine – particularly when taken with good company and exquisite music in the background. I do like to think of myself as a romantic but when one reaches a certain vintage, one feels out-of-it somewhat – pity really.

My aspirations for the future are quite simple; I adore the Far East and very much wish to settle there – well away from the maddening crowd so to speak.

Furthermore, my aim is to live a very long and full life, to reach 120 years of age would be quite splendid. At that particular juncture, when the Grim Reaper comes a-calling - to pass away quietly in one's sleep remains the kind of peaceful conclusion I desire. If I must suffer a violent termination at that advanced age, then let it please be a speedy transportation into the hereafter - something akin to a shotgun blast at the hands of the jealous husband whose wife I have just been making love to – this too, I would settle on as an acceptable passing from Mother Earth.

My aim in joining this site is to establish communication with people of a similar thought-process. Despite the fact that I continue to produce material for the MOD from my study at home, I nevertheless do not feel inspired with my existence present- time; retirement can bring some awful and unforeseen woes.

I need a spark, something to re-ignite and restore my lines of communication, but with a new and fresh breed of souls – I trust therefore that this communiqué may see my yearning realised.

© GGK – November 2011 gordon at mjk.org.uk

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The bugle you passed onto an RSL in Australia
by: Jen Craig/ Sydney

Hello Gordon,

Just letting you know, in case it hasn't been passed onto you, that the bugle that you passed on to the little museum in Mt Evelyn, Victoria, actually belonged to my grandfather, and my family (including his daughter Valerie, who is still alive) was so happy to hear about it.

A few of us from the family got to see the bugle and hold it for a few moments a hundred years exactly after he lost it on the battlefield. Thank you so much for your part in solving this century-long mystery!

If you wish to get in touch with me with any more information about the circumstances of your coming into possession of the bugle etc, you can google my name (I am a writer and you may find a means of contacting me that way); my literary agent is Martin Shaw of Shaw Literary.

Very best wishes for your own writing and interests in things historical.

Jen Craig

Sony Readers Club
by: David Acton - Australia

Hi Gordon, I believe we used to work together at 'Sony'! Brian Wilkie mentioned in an email tonight that he had found you through Google, which is how I rediscovered Brian. I discovered another friend (from high school days in Cumbia), just two weeks ago. The word is definitely getting smaller!
Best regards
David Acton

What were you doing?
by: Brian Wilkie

Hi Gordon I was in Oz and SA at the same time as you, and also in media. Who were you working for?

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