Got Anxiety or Depression?

by sandy

I read so many sad depression or anxiety stories on this page. wow.

Please tell me what really helped you - anything natural, or your medication.

What do you do daily to live like this> HELP

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Art Therapy
by: Canadian Retiree

I was really depressed after breast cancer and then retiring. I was completely lost. I ended up going to a Psychiatrist and getting an antidepressant.

I also saw a psychologist who really helped me work through some issues. Then I signed up for art lessons. Water colour painting and drawing really helps. I also exercise as much as possible.

Get help if you need it!

by: Alison NY

I had knee replacement in August and had a horrible reaction to the anesthesia. Depression and anxiety.

It felt as though there was a switch turned on high in my brain and no matter what I did I could not adjust it. All my previous ways of calming down were not working.

I could not walk it off..I was still using a walker and then cane.

I tried to meditate but my mind was so cluttered. I was a mess. I cried at the drop of a hat. I felt like there was a dark cloud hanging over my head.

My sleep patterns were so screwed up. I was awake half the night.

In time, all of this improved a bit but that anxiety was still there.

Finally I went to a hypnotherapist. I said I wanted some help with relaxation and bringing some positivity into my life.

I was not sure this would help at all.

But as I was lead on a peaceful walk through a meadow, observing colors and flowers and the sun and breeze, I felt all of these things.

I left that session and sat in my car for almost an hour feeling like she had opened channels in my brain and that finally, finally...I could experience joy. Happiness.

Give it a try.... I found this a lot easier than meditation. It is like guided meditation. I went into it with an open mind and I am glad I did.
Think about it....

Anxiety and Depression
by: Carol Arsenault

I didn't take anything for my anxiety and depression for 2 years. Tried to heal it naturally.

Then someone told me about microdosing and I tried that and it worked miracles. Look into it. Really saved my life.

I don't like medications as I always have reactions so had to find something natural. I mostly just slept a lot to get away from it before that.

anxiety / depression
by: matt i

sandy--moving into this phase of life will persuade you one way another to create the same display that the fall trees do as their colors shout their own plant-based rainbows through their leaves during their retirement .

I have decided each day is priceless and whether i have anxiety or depression -- that just means some leaves or people just dry up and shrivel - some have made reservations for next year- as will rogers said we all can't be heros--some of us have to sit on the curb and clap

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