Grandfather died: Family fight over the will started

by Debbi

My grandfather died and all his sons and daughters started fighting about the will he wrote and who should get the money he left behind. This family started fighting a lot and many of the family members got upset and mad at each other.

Now they do not talk to any one and can not even look at them because of the fight between them.

Lawyers and attorneys were hired to look into this problem but it is not solved yet. The families split and this is a continuous problem that has been going on for many years.

It is very heartbreaking for me to see all my family and relatives fighting about something like this. This will was not completed thoughtfully and will probably continue to be a problem for a long time. There are many problems like The financial plans are very complicated even when the family members seem to be well-combined.

It is very sad and disappointing to see siblings who value money over family. A family fight like this will seem to not change and seem the same for the rest of my and my family members' life, and will probably continue in the family for generations to come. I just hope this fight will end and all the family members, sons, daughters, cousins, mothers, and fathers will stop fighting like little kids.

The important thing when leaving a will is making decisions, taking action, and communicating how you want your money and property to be divided between the family.

If these steps are not done, the unwritten rules of the family may take over and there will probably be arguments, rivalry, and family problems.

These things should be avoid so every one would live very quietly and peacefully without any arguments or issues between them.

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by: Pattie

My Aunt, my fathers sister, was my everything.. and i hers. I was the only one in her will.. it was stone clad, i got everything upon her death.

When she was dying in the hosp, my father asked me if i had her will.. i said i did and very stupidly i told him i was the only one in it. He got a lawyer and made out a new will and on her death bed, made her sign it.. it made my will null and void. It was a substantial estate. I lost everything in a blink of an eye.

Needless to say, i have not spoken to my father since 1992 and he is 90 now.. as his wife, my stepmother.. their child, my half sister will get everything.. which is a lot.

Wendy: So many families ripped apart due to Wills at a family member's death... with money, all bets are off. Sad.

The Feuding Brothers ....
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

A gentleman living near my house died suddenly leaving behind no will. His wife was much younger to him, being his second wife. He had 2 daughters and 2 sons from his first wife, and upon her death, he had married his second wife with whom he had 3 sons.

His widow was uneducated, somewhat stupid and was completely under the control of her second son, who was very cunning and unscrupulous. At the time of the old man's death, the youngest son was about 10 years of age.

The two daughters refused to take any share in their father's house Which they surrendered in favour of their widowed mother, whose second son kept her with him with the intention of usurping her share of the property.

The sons could not agree on an amicable division of the house and ultimately the matter was taken to a Court of Law. There was much bickering during the long proceedings in the Court. During this time the widowed mother also died without leaving any will.

We would often listen to shouts of the fighting brothers as they argued about the division of the house. Ultimately, the Court said that it will unilaterally divide the house into 5 slices as if the house was a long bread.

Since the brothers had no agreed proposal, they had to accept the division of the house made by the Court. The oldest brother was given the rear most slice and the youngest brother, now aged about 12 years, was given the front row slice. The front slice was a lawn and there was no construction in it.

Brother no. 4 very cunningly offered to keep the youngest brother in his portion, thus taking possession of the front lawn, which he added to his portion. He did not educate the youngest brother who grew up to be a truck driver.

All this happened nearly 20 years ago. Today, the youngest brother has proved to be the most fortunate, since his slice (the front portion of the divided house) commands the highest price in the market, being located near the city center.

He started as the poorest and the most vulnerable. Today, his slice of property is worth millions.

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