Grandfathers Love

by Ria Cabral
(New Mexico)

When I think of the moments we shared, I feel warmth and happiness. I sometimes go back to feeling sad, depending on what moment in particular I had been thinking about.

Some memories are not as clear as I’d like them to be. That, too, brings back the grief.

The thing is, he was one of those people that everyone liked. It was, in fact, impossible to dislike him. He was easy going in person, always ultimately accommodating even if sometimes comically defiant in his mannerisms and talk. My dad told me stories of how kind grandpa was as a father.

I suppose it’s a good time to keep in mind some things that are easy to forget.

He is no longer with us, but I do have wonderful memories of him. And I have many family, friends, and loved ones. Life’s too short to wait for some things. I hope to give more attention to the stories and moments that come my way, to the people for whom I care.

I look at the bright side. I lost a grandfather in his old age, which is about as good as it can get as far as death is concerned. He, too, was grateful for his existence and happy to live, and I’m grateful that I got to know him as well as I did those years. I’m grateful that his love continues to live in those whose lives he touched.

I still, and think I always will, dearly miss my grandpa, Leslie Tom Humphries, who lived from December 7, 1916, until December 24, 1998. May he rest in peace.

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