Gratitude Matters!

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Most people are familiar with Gratitude, but it seems so Blah/Nothingness.

Yeah, Yeah, think positive and the world is suddenly great, not so much... but it can help!

Over time, feeling gratitude will help your mood and improve your outlook on life. It will become natural to look for the beauty in life as you walk about noticing all.

When you take time every day to think about what is positive about your life, what is going well, and what you are most thankful for, you realize just how much you have and how full your life is.

You are what you think! In time, your subconscious realizes how blessed you are simply by thinking of what you are grateful for. It realizes how important this is to you, after all, you always think about all you have!

And the more you think about gratitude, the more you find for which to be thankful.

-- Tiny spring flowers in the ground
-- Recliner that holds you so nicely
-- Hot cuppa coffee perfectly made
-- Clean overnight snow on the branches of the trees
-- Money in checking account
-- Healthy pet who is by your side
-- Old pet by your side, blessed to have this pet in your life
-- Looking forward to that frozen pizza for lunch

When you are struggling with negative feelings, stop and take a moment to consider all the positives in your life right then. Even if you have one image in mind that is your Gratitude sign, you can think it when that negative peeps in.

-- Damn more bills in the mail **SunnySkies** I've got money in checking.
-- Feeling achy today **SunnySkies** but nothing my morning coffee won't solve!
-- Phone ringing again? **SunnySkies** So Lucky my son takes the time to call.

This very small action can happen automatically and quickly. This helps place setbacks/negatives into perspective while also helping you to remember the little things in life to help you overcome your present attitude.

Here are some ways you can add gratitude into your day:

Take five minutes before bed to write down a few things for which you are grateful and why these are important to you. These thoughts often remind in mind as you sleep and may bring possible changes to life.

Say “thank you” to someone each day and tell them how their actions made a difference in your life. A quick email or text to say Thanks makes someone's day and gives you peace of mind too.

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, STOP (yell NOOOO! in your mind to seriously break that negative), then consider Gratitude again, **SunnySkies** .

Use your actions to show others your appreciation for what they bring to your life. You can never help others enough. Doing for others tskes your mind off yourself. It's a win-win for you and the person being helped.

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gratitude matters
by: matt i

wendy--certainly well-written thoughts on gratitude--it occurred to me it may be difficult for some retirees / reflectors / including myself - when for most americans haven't had to experience hunger, moisture, shelter insecurity etc to qualify in the first place for gratitude.

Perhaps gratitude really means what the Latin interpretation of the word itself--" gratus " --pleasing --thankful--but at my age, every new unscheduled day I receive, I have my eyes, ears, and hands open to be thankful emotionally because my pantry is full, bottle water adorns -power generators on standby will serve me physically.

Wendy: Matt, you get it and you have gratitude, many don't. Some worry, unnecessarily, about the past and the future. The GOOD thing about your post is that someone out there may read more from your words than they did from mine. It only takes one person with the perfect words to bring new awareness to another!

Life-Changing Awareness!

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