Gray Power: Get Out and Vote

by Willie Herring

I have observed there are many movements in America today, however I believe seniors might get left on the outside looking in.

As a result through the realization that people with " grey power " shall not be included like all people governed by the Constitution of the United States.To arbitrarily exclude people with " grey power " because some have failing health is unfair.

On the other hand there are movements that incite protest; namely black power movement, Trump movement, Hillary movement, among others.Most movement for people with" grey power " reflects politicians willing to tamper with governmental benefits.

I believe people with " grey power " best get off the side lines and vote.

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Gray Power- More Powerful Than You Think
by: John A

As a retiree I feel I have contributed my fair share in taxes, social security, etc. I would say most retirees here have done the same. Yet politicians tell us Social Security and Medicare are running out of money and our medical benefits being decreased.

At the same time more and more money is being thrown at frivolous federal programs, welfare and undocumented and illegal aliens. Much of this comes at the expense of those of us who can least afford it;the retiree.

During the past four or five years our medical costs have skyrocketed along with health insurance premiums. Are we better off now as we were in the past?

Just keep in mind politicians will tell us just about anything to get elected. And once in office they do nothing and do not act on promises.

Unless we make substantial changes in government the same old things will happen;at our expense. The current state of affairs in government happened because WE let it happen and WE didn't hold politicians accountable.

Gray Power is a tremendous voting block in America. We can sway the election with our vote.

When you vote ask yourself the question if you think voting for the status quo has really worked for you or if a change is needed? What has government done for us as retirees over the years?

They have robbed the Social Security funds to pay for other programs and then tell us Social Security is running out of money. Again, I ask the question about voting for the status quo will change things?

I think history will answer that question and that we do need a change. So if you are in favor of continuing spend, spend, spend then vote for the congressional and presidential candidates who have been entrenched inside the Washington Beltway. And you will be one of those who let it happen.

Vote wisely my friends.

by: Educated Senior

Make sure you vote for someone that is not in collusion with those that want to privatize or downsize Social Security.

p.s. it is NOT either of the TWO major party candidates!

There IS a GREEN party that is worthy of a vote!

Voting Plus
by: Your Name/Location

Grey Power is very prominent in today's society. Sure go out and vote and exercise your franchise. However; what are seniors doing after they vote. It's important not to go back and spend countless number of hours glued to the TV as a spectator, but to become more active, creative and productive in your own community.

Joe W.

by: Elaine/PA

Like Deb says, get out and vote. We have two choices. Not voting at all IS a vote for the other party. So suck it up cupcake. In November get off your butts and go to the polls.

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