Greyhound, by Harry Chapin

by Al B

It's nice to hear from recent retirees. Whether the decision to retire was yours or others, we all have thought about it and hoped it would bring great joy, less stress and more time to pursue the things we love.

However for some it brings sadness, a feeling of being alone and more time to think about all the things in life that could have been but never were!

I remember a song by Harry Chapin called Greyhound and found it very helpful in making some difficult adjustments in life. If you can access it on youtube listen to the words, perhaps you can relate when he says 'it's got to be the going, not the getting there that's good'.

As you may know, Harry never made it to retirement. His life was cut short at the young age of 36, but his songs are timeless.

Peace to all, may we all find happiness at the end of that Greyhound ride.

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Old Greyhound Bus
by: Joe W.

I know what's like to be on a Greyhound bus especially at night when even the 'going' seems to be somewhat rough. On the other hand, there is the song called, 'Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree' by Tony Orlando & Dawn.

These days retirement for a lot of seniors is having anxiety, depression & no energy to make a suitable retirement plan.

Like Tony Orlando in this song it's like being in a prison (seniors with no retirement plan); and having to wait for someone else to make a decision for you. In the song (the guy wrote a letter to his girlfriend or wife that said "If you still want me, a simple yellow ribbon on the old oak tree will set me free" If not, I'll stay on the bus forget about us and put the blame on me.... and the relationship will be over.

This is an example where 'getting there' (the Oak tree) is better than the 'going' (the guy is afraid to look at the old oak tree to see if there are any ribbons there).

What is the result? Now the whole bus is cheering and I can't believe I see a 100 yellow ribbons round the old oak tree. I'm coming home!

Everything is good and moving in the right direction.

Joe W.

Wow...can I relate..!
by: Alison, Ontario, Canada

Wow, Can I relate. The passage from Harry Chapin's song are awesome words to live by....but, realistically I wonder how many people feel this way.

i'D SAY LESS...THAN MORE. Retirement has made a huge change in my life...

Only been retired a year, but I'd say it was the most non-productive year of my life. Only now am I actually doing things I said I would do when I retired...a whole year later.

Wasted time, I call it...but, from what I've read a necessary part of the passage into retirement...for most..!

I am hoping to now, open the doors to new things. I am taking a mortgage agents course next month. I am at the gym..taking yoga which I always, and grandkids fill my time with joy.

I have really had to grow into it..but..i'm likin it more, all the time...!

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