Growing Old... A Privilege

by Brenda Roenz

I have been sitting here pondering what to do this new day given to me…and such a sunny day! as i age, i am thankful for each new decade i get to experience.

Used to dread the thought, as most of us do, of getting older, but after many health experiences past 5 years, im thankful to be able to age.

As well, each new decade brings new experiences, some good, some bad, but still an experience. For example, at age 63, i find i am slowing down somewhat. Could be just from all my recent surgeries, but even so, slowing down. And, i find i tire more easily.

But, regardless, it is so great to just wake up and enjoy all the good things life brings us.

Many folks die way too young, not getting the chance to grow old. Growing old is an experience we are lucky to have, if we get the chance.

Now in my sixties, im finding new things to keep me busy. For example, i volunteer an oldies music list, 50′s n 60′s music, to the music director of a local radio station, for a show broadcast friday nights. It is fun, and gives me something i enjoy doing. As well, i volunteer helping out various charities from time to time. This is sometimes exhausting, but so rewarding.

Yes, my sixties dont seem so bad afterall, even with those health problems bought on by aging. i am looking forward to my 70′s, and the new experiences they will bring. Life is so precious, i am thankful and grateful God has given me the chance to age, i have enjoyed going through the decades of my life so far, and if i get the chance , looking forward to the next decade.

Hubby is now retired, we are enjoying just going off, sitting on a bench in the park, and relaxing. Enjoying all the sounds of nature, and having this time with each other. I do worry of getting dementia, or even having a stroke down the road, but still if we are lucky enough to have the chance to grow old, we are so fortunate.

What is that saying..” Grow old with me, the best is yet to be “…..hope to be able to experience the next decade, and all that the “growing older change” offers, be it good or bad.

So wonderful to wake up , especially on a sunny day! makes all those problems of aging seem minimal, and for some strange reason, a sunny day seems to erase all those problems of aging!

Get out and enjoy life, and each new decade, for there are new experiences just awaiting to be found.

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by: Patricia, Sacramento

Congratulations on your attitude and outlook.

As a 2 times stage 4 cancer survivor and one who just got out of intensive care a month ago,I second your opinion.

I am grateful for every new day. In the 9 years since my last cancer treatment I have met new people, experienced new things, and have enjoyed 9 years more sharing experiences with my only child.

I am amazed at how many complain they don't know what to do in retirement, that they are sad or depressed. It's obvious many of those who complain are in a better financial position than I and are healthier.

My immediate reaction is "Get over it! do something fun or useful. But I do realize depression real so I would urge those who feel depressed to seek medical advice.

You can also help yourself by just trying to find 3 good or happy or encouraging things in your life each day. If you can't think of 3, think of 1. Do you have a partner you cherish, did you see a beautiful sunrise, or a new flower bloom in your garden, you aren't homeless, are you, and you probably have enough to eat. Practice gratitude and yoy may feel better.

So, again, I support your views and wish you continued pleasant days during your retirement.


Bench Sitting In The Park
by: Anonymous


Hi! I'm a fellow Canadian. I just wanted to know what you think about when your sitting on a bench in a public park? When I go out in a park setting my goal is to walk 3-4 hours and I usually sit on a bench to rest my feet and body while I'm on this longer walk? I'm in my early 70's.

Joe W.

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